The HeadRush Amp and FX library continues to grow based on popular user requests with 4 new amp models, 2 new overdrive pedals, a fuzz pedal, and a bass preamp

Fort Lauderdale, FL US (February 1, 2022) — HeadRush, the recognized innovator of next-generation guitar products, today announced the immediate availability of Feature Update 2.4 for its Pedalboard, Gigboard, and MX5 guitar processors. Based on popular requests from the HeadRush user community, HeadRush 2.4 delivers 4 new amp models four powerful new effects, from classic overdrives to a much-requested bass preamp.


New Amps and FX

Feature Update 2.4 expands HeadRush’s amp library with 4 new amp models inspired by the 4 channels of a 2011 ENGL® Powerball II. The 4 models cover bright, dynamic cleans and hefty crunch tones through to brutal metal tones characteristic attack.

Meanwhile, bassists get treated to the B DIST 7000 model, inspired by the very popular Darkglass® Microtubes B7K Ultra V2 Bass Preamp. Rounding out the FX additions are a classic fuzz pedal and two new overdrive pedals: Oct Fuzz (inspired by a Dunlop® JH-OC1 Octavio), D250 Drive (inspired by a DOD® Overdrive Preamp 250), and S1 Drive (inspired by a Boss® SD-1 Super Overdrive).

As always, the 2.4 Feature Update is available as a free download from the HeadRush website.


2.4 at-a-glance:

  • 4 new amp models:
    • 11 EPB II HI-LEAD (inspired by* a 2011, ENGL® Powerball II)
    • 11 EPB II LO-LEAD (inspired by* a 2011, ENGL® Powerball II)
    • 11 EPB II CRUNCH (inspired by* a 2011, ENGL® Powerball II)
    • 11 EPB II CLEAN (inspired by* a 2011, ENGL® Powerball II)
  • 4 new Distortion effects:
    • B DIST 7000 (inspired by* a Darkglass® Microtubes B7K Ultra V2 Bass Preamp)
    • OCT FUZZ (inspired by* a Dunlop® JH-OC1 Octavio)
    • D250 DRIVE (inspired by* a DOD® Overdrive Preamp 250)
    • S1 DRIVE (inspired by* a Boss® SD-1 Super Overdrive)


About Pedalboard, Gigboard, MX5

HeadRush delivers versatile, realistic-sounding, and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone, and FX models in a complete range of road-ready floorboard guitar FX processors. Each model includes a high-resolution touch display that enables you to touch, swipe, and drag-and-drop to instantly create and edit your rigs in an unprecedentedly realistic and intuitive way.

Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of digital guitar modeling or a seasoned veteran looking to sculpt your signature tone, Pedalboard, Gigboard, and MX5’s expansive tone sculpting capability, smart guitar-centric user interface, and rock-solid build guarantees to deliver the goods - your perfect tone is just a touch away!

About HeadRush

Delivering premier solutions for performing and recording guitarists, HeadRush specializes in electronic gear that leaves ‘conventional’ behind, providing new ways to enhance the creative musical process.

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