The MPC 2.11 update gives all MPC users access to four new synth plugins: Hype, Solina, Mellotron, and Odyssey. These plugins are exclusive to the MPC software (v2.11 and up), and can even be installed on MPC standalone hardware* for standalone use. There is also no activation required for these new instruments, which means you only need to download and install them to get started. 

Note: The new plugin expansion instruments (Fabric, OPx-4, Organ, Stage Piano, Stage EP, and Studio Strings) are not included with the MPC 2.11 update. These are exclusive to the MPC Key 61, or can be purchased separately from the expansion store

For MPC Key 61 users, you can find install and authorization details here.


Installing the Desktop Synth Content

  1. Go to and click Account in the top-right. Log in or create an account if you do not already have one.

  2. If you have not already, register your MPC by clicking Register New Product. Enter the serial number, purchase date, and purchase location to complete registration. The serial number for your MPC Key 61 will be located on a barcode on the back or bottom of the MPC. The serial number will begin with a (21), though this does not need to be entered during the registration process.

  3. Once the MPC is registered, find your MPC in the My Registered Products list. Click View Downloads.

    Note: If you have not already, be sure to download and install the MPC 2.11 update for your MPC. This is required to use the new synth content.

  4. In the Downloads Section, find and download the MPC Synth Content Manager.

  5. Open the MPC Synth Content Manager. Here, you will find sections for Included Instruments (computer and standalone), as well as Expansion Instruments (computer and standalone).

  6. Under Computer Installation - Included Instruments, click Download next to each plugin. Once fully downloaded, click Install then follow the prompts on-screen to complete the installation. Do this for each plugin you wish to install.

The plugins will be installed in a pre-determined location in your system. This is required for the MPC software to access the plugins and cannot be changed.

Once installed, you're ready to go! Open the MPC 2.11 software and load a new plugin track. You'll find your new plugins located under the MPC Plugins > Air Music Technology category.

Installing the Standalone Synth Content

These four new instruments can also be installed and used directly on your MPC standalone hardware* There are two ways to do this: Transfer via USB or SD drive, or download directly to your MPC.

USB/SD Transfer

This will require a USB drive or SD card formatted to FAT32 or ExFat file system. This is where the synth content will be stored for access by your MPC. If you have a SATA drive installed in your MPC, you can also connect your MPC to the computer in Computer Mode to transfer the content directly to your drive.

  1. Connect your USB Drive or SD card to your computer.

  2. Open the MPC Synth Content Manager.

  3. Under the Standalone Installation - Included Instruments section, click Download next to each plugin.

  4.  Once downloaded, click View. This will open your computer's file browser to where the plugin content is stored (Usually this will be your Downloads folder or your computer's assigned download location)

  5. Click on the plugin folder, for example, Hype. Locate the Synths folder.

  6. Copy the Synths folder to the root of your drive or SD card. This is the top level of the drive; do not place the Synths folder in any folders on the drive.

    Note: Each synth will have its own Synths folder, but you will not be able to have multiple "Synths" folders in the same place on your drive. As you transfer the standalone content for each plugin, do not replace the existing Synths folder on the drive. Instead, do one of the following:
    1. When transferring over the subsequent Synths folder, your operating system may ask you to Merge or Replace the existing Synths folder on the drive. If so, choose "Merge" and the content will be combined inside the existing Synths folder.
    2. Merge the folders manually. When transferring the subsequent Synths folder, instead of dragging the entire Synths folder onto your drive, go into the folder and find the "AIR Music Technology - MPC - [synth name]" folder. Place this folder within the Synths folder on your drive to install the content on your drive. 

  7. Insert the drive into your MPC and power it on (or release the MPC from Computer Mode if transferring to a SATA drive). Your new plugin instruments will now be available on your MPC hardware.

Direct Download

This method will require a stable WIFI connection and a standalone MPC registration in your inMusic Profile. Please make sure your device is registered and go to the Preferences menu on your MPC to connect your device to WIFI before proceeding.

  1. Power on your MPC. Press the Menu button and open the Preferences menu (this may appear only as a gear icon).

  2. Select the Activate Plugins section and log in to your inMusic Profile.

  3. Tap the Change button at the bottom of the touchscreen to select a Content Download Drive. This will be the drive where the content will be stored.

  4. Tap the Download icon to download the content to your drive.

Once the download is complete, your synth content will be available to use on your MPC standalone hardware.* 

*MPC Standalone hardware includes the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC One, and MPC Key 61.