For Windows Users:

To enable Serato DJ to connect with external programs through the Serato Remotes API, you need to install a software called Bonjour on your Windows computer. This step is essential for SoundSwitch to work seamlessly with Serato DJ.

Here's how to do it:

1. Download Bonjour:

   - Before you can use SoundSwitch, download and install Bonjour on your Windows computer. You can get it from the Apple support website by following this link:

2. Install Bonjour:

   - After downloading Bonjour, run the installation process to set it up on your computer.

3. Confirmation in Serato DJ:

   - Once Bonjour is installed, you should notice that SoundSwitch appears in the "Active Serato Remotes" section within the Serato DJ Preferences.

Note: Sometimes, SoundSwitch may not appear in Serato DJ's preferences due to third-party antivirus software like Avast or AVG. In such cases, make sure you've allowed SoundSwitch through the firewall settings of these third-party security programs

If you've followed these steps and still experience issues connecting SoundSwitch and Serato DJ, please feel free to reach out to our support team at We're here to assist you in getting SoundSwitch up and running smoothly.