Autoloop Override for Scripted Tracks


In SoundSwitch version 1.7, a new feature called "Autoloop Override" has been introduced for Scripted Tracks. This feature gives you the ability to prioritize Autoloops over Scripted Tracks.

How It Works:

When you activate the "Override Scripted Tracks" option, SoundSwitch will start using Autoloops instead of Scripted Tracks. However, it's important to note that this change won't take effect immediately. It will kick in when the next track is loaded in your player.

Enabling Autoloop Override:

1. Using Performance Mode Preferences:

   - To enable Autoloop Override, go to the Performance Mode Preferences within the software.

   - Look for the "Override Scripted Tracks" option.

   - Activate this option to prioritize Autoloops over Scripted Tracks.

2. MIDI Mapping:

   - Alternatively, you can also enable Autoloop Override by following the instructions provided in a video tutorial. This tutorial will guide you on how to MIDI map this setting.

By using Autoloop Override, you have more control over your tracks and can ensure that Autoloops are used when needed, enhancing your performance and experience with SoundSwitch.