Avid has officially discontinued Pro Tools|First M-Audio Edition and its associated 20 Avid Effects and Virtual Instruments.

With this change, everyone at M-Audio wants to make sure that you’re still given a great software package to continue your creative journey. Now included in your M-Audio account will be MPC Beats, a fully-featured DAW, with its full collection of virtual instruments - TubeSynth, Electric, and Bassline, 80 FX plugins including the new AIR Channel Strip and Half Time, as well as 2GB of factory content with bonus F9 instruments library.

For our Audio Interface users, in addition to MPC Beats, we have included ReValver, a guitar amplifier, stompbox, and effect modeling software. ReValver includes ValveKing® & Custom Lite Amp Modules, 3 x cabs, 3 x mics (with multiple selectable positions), and 3x effects.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Update: Avid has re-released Pro Tools | First as Pro Tools Intro. While Pro Tools Intro is not directly included with your M-Audio product, it is free for all users and expands on the features initially provided in Pro Tools | First. For more information, please visit the link here or contact Avid customer support.

Affected M-Audio product users will still receive the software package described above, available in your M-Audio account after registration.