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Denon DJ has been actively testing all applicable hardware and software products with each beta release of macOS 11 Big Sur. We understand how important it is for all our users to know exactly what works before they make the jump on any new updates. Please refer to this article for all Denon DJ hardware and software compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur.

We encourage all our dedicated Denon DJ hardware and software owners to refrain from updating to macOS 11 Big Sur until compatibility with the new operating system can be confirmed. 

This page will be updated regularly to reflect any updates to product compatibility as testing is completed. We encourage all our users to remain on their current OS until all necessary hardware and software products have been qualified for support. 


Support for Apple M1 Silicon Processors

Apple has announced the use of a new style of processor called the M1 that is to be included in their newer computer models. This is a gigantic step for computing power but rewrites a lot of the requirements previously used when developing new software and drivers.

For this reason, all Denon DJ software and hardware will additional testing, separate from Big Sur qualification. At this time, all Denon DJ hardware and software should be considered not supported for use with these new M1 processors. Please look for additional announcements to be released here for M1 compatibility once testing is completed. 


macOS Big Sur Software Support

Many of our products are dependent on software for all functionality and control while the device is connected to a computer. Our products may be considered "supported" for an operating system, but will not be functional until software support is also available. So, It is crucial that you weigh software compatibility before choosing to update your system.

Please check with the developers for your preferred software titles for the latest in Big Sur compatibility before choosing to update. We've listed a few key titles below for your convenience.

SoftwaremacOS Big Sur Support
Engine PrimeSupported as of version v1.6. See the downloads page for the latest version.
X1850 1.3 Firmware UpdaterSupported as of v1.0.5. See the downloads page for the latest version. 
Serato DJ ProSupported as of version v2.5. See the downloads page for more details.
Serato DJ LiteSupported as of version v1.5. See the downloads page for more details. 
Virtual DJSupported as of version 2021. See for more details. 
Native Instruments/TraktorVisit Native Instruments Big Sur compatibility page.
AlgoriddimVisit Algoriddim System Requirements page.


IMPORTANT: For the Engine Prime software to be able to access external storage devices, the application must be granted access to removable drives. Navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files and Folders > Engine Prime > check off the box next to Removable Volumes.



macOS Big Sur Hardware Support

All testing for macOS Big Sur was done using the standard Intel-based Apple computers. Further testing is still in progress to confirm support for Apple's new M1Silicon-based processors. These systems should be considered Not Supported until further notice. 

ProductmacOS Big Sur Support
MC6000 MKIISupported*
PRIME 2In Testing
PRIME 4Supported
PRIME GoSupported
SC5000 PRIMESupported
SC5000M PRIMESupported
SC6000 PRIMESupported
SC6000M PRIMESupported

*Editor, utility, and/or firmware updater software for this product have not been qualified for support on macOS Big Sur. This page will be updated as necessary to reflect all current compatibility with macOS Big Sur.