Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum system specs required for the RANE ONE?

The Rane ONE requires Serato v2.4.4 or higher and a minimum operating system of macOS High Sierra 10.13 or Windows 10.

For full minimum system specs, please refer to the Serato DJ downloads page.

Where can I download Serato DJ for the Rane One?

Serato DJ Pro can be downloaded for free directly from the Serato DJ download page at Any users that register the Rane One to an inMusic account will receive a download link in their account. 

The Rane One will unlock Serato DJ Pro automatically while connected to the computer. No additional license is needed while using the Rane One.


Does the ONE require drivers?

The RANE ONE is fully class-compliant for macOS but will require drivers for use on a Windows system. To download the latest drivers and control panel, please visit


Will the ONE work in standalone mode?

The RANE ONE is designed as a Serato controller and requires a laptop running Serato to get the full use of the ONE features. The ONE, however, does have line/phono inputs and can be used as a standalone mixer with functional EQ and filters.


Is a Serato DJ Pro license included?

The RANE ONE is Serato DJ Enabled, meaning it will unlock Serato DJ automatically while connected to the computer.*

*Driver installation will be required for operation on Windows computers before connecting with Serato. 


Is Serato Pitch 'n Time included?

Serato Pitch 'n Time is not included, but the ONE is able to control Serato Pitch 'n Time with a paid upgrade to the expansion pack from Serato.


Can the ONE control turntables via DVS control?

Yes, the ONE is compatible with and can host turntables for DVS control using the CD/Phono RCA deck inputs. Serato DVS control will require ownership of the DVS expansion pack from Serato DJ (sold separately at


Is the crossfader user-replaceable?

The One includes a user-replaceable MAG 4 crossfader. This can be swapped out easily by the user by removing the small top plate covering the fader section.


Can I adjust the tension of the MAG 4 fader?

Yes, the tension can be adjusted manually by using the adjustment screw on the fader itself. The top-plate of the fader section on the RANE ONE can be removed in order to access this adjustment or to replace the fader.


Can I connect my Rane TWELVE controllers to the ONE?

The RANE ONE is a 2-channel controller that already has two motorized platters. There is no way to assign additional decks and no practical benefit to doing this.

You could, however, connect the RANE TWELVE MKII using the RCA deck inputs for use as a DVS controller. See the DVS Control question above for more details about using DVS with the RANE ONE.


What are the dimensions for the RANE ONE?



Dimensions (wxdxh)

26.5” x 13.6” x 4.9” (674 x 345 x 124.3 mm)


23.55 lbs. (10.68 kg)


What are the specs on the soundcard/converters?


Cirrus Logic, 24-bit PCM, 48 kHz

Digital Signal Processing

32-bit, floating-point, double precision

Dynamic Range (A-weighted, unity gain)

ADC: 113 dB
DAC: 113 dB
CD Input to Analog Output: 110 dB
CD Input to USB Output: 113 dB
USB Input to Analog Output: 113 dB



What type of i/o does the RANE ONE offer?


2x XLR / 1/4" (6.35 mm) TRS Combo (Mic 1–2)
1x RCA stereo pair (Aux)
2x RCA stereo pairs (CD/Phono 1-2)


2x XLR (Main)
2x XLR (Booth)
1x RCA stereo pair (Master)
1x 1/4" (6.35 mm) TRS (Headphones)
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRS (Headphones)


Sometimes the track in Serato will jump around in Serato when using the touch strip. Is this normal?

The intended use for the touch strip is for DJs to quickly access a general region within the song, then fine-tune the position with the platter. If the touch strip is pressed and moved, you may experience the track unexpectedly jumping due to the touch strip’s high sensitivity.

The headphone CUE MIX is adjusting the CUE LEVEL in my headphones. What am I doing wrong?

This has been resolved as of Serato DJ Pro version 2.5.12. Download link below.