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The Marantz Pro Voice Rover is an easily-transportable, compact AC/Battery-powered PA system that delivers professional-grade sound to a large indoor or outdoor event where there is no access to AC power. On a full charge, the battery system can provide up to 12 hours of use. This guide walks through standard battery care and maintenance, as well as how to access and replace the battery if necessary.




What battery do I need and where can I purchase them for the Voice Rover?

The Voice Rover uses (2) 12V DC, 5Ah/20Hr Lead-Acid batteries. They can be found easily online, and to help you save time, included a links to an online seller.

(2) 12V DC, 5Ah/20Hr Lead-Acid batteries - 11.9" x 14.2" x 22" (L x W x H)

You can also call our Parts Department to order replacement batteries.

  • InMusic Brands Parts Department - (401) 658-3131 ext. 1403



How to replace the battery in the Voice Rover

  1. IMPORTANT: First, disconnect all power cables, audio cables, and accessories. Make sure that the Voice Rover is completely disconnected from any electrical power outlets and powered off.
  2. The battery access panel is located on the lower back panel of the Voice Rover.

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  3. The battery panel is secured by 5 screws. Remove 5 screws from rear bottom panel (4 short screws in 4 corners, 1 long screw in middle of panel) and remove panel cover. This will allow access to the battery compartment.

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  4. There is a security bar holding two batteries in place to prevent them from moving inside the Voice Rover. Remove screws from horizontal bar securing batteries in place.

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  5. Notice there are three wires here, one black (negative) one red (positive) and one blue (Jumper). Attach one black wire to the negative post on one battery. Attach one red wire to the positive post on the second battery.

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  6. Take the blue jumper wire and attach one end to one battery's negative post and other end to the other battery's positive post, this will put the batteries power in series.

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  7. Replace the horizontal security bar and 2 screws.
  8. Replace battery panel cover and replace 5 screws (4 short screws in corners and 1 long screw in middle of battery door panel).

Keep in mind, the Voice Rover requires (2) batteries and it may be difficult to tell which is bad without testing with a multi-meter. For this reason, please make sure to test the unit before discarding any batteries. If the replacement does not work at first, try switching out the other one.



How to get the longest life out of your Lead-Acid Batteries

Rechargeable lead-acid batteries are the same type used in automobiles. As with your car battery, how you use this battery has a significant impact on its lifespan. For example, if you forget to turn off your car's lights and drain the battery, a jump start may work a few times. But after a few full discharges, even a jump won't help, and the battery will need to be replaced. With proper use and treatment, a lead-acid battery can last for years. Here are some recommendations for getting the longest life from the internal battery:

Tips for using your battery

  • Fully charge the battery before using it.
  • For maximum life, drain the battery 80% once a month.
  • Charge the battery completely after each use.
  • Avoid completely draining the battery.

Tips for storing your battery

  • Avoid storing in high temperatures and moist places.
  • For long-term storage, periodically recharge the battery.
  • If you do not charge the battery for six months, it may not charge.

How to dispose of a Lead-Acid battery

  • Bring the unit to a recycling center or dispose of in accordance with local ordinances.