The MPC Key 61 will be ready for standalone use right out of the box. But, MPC Key 61 users will also receive a copy of the MPC 2.11 software and desktop versions of all the synth content that comes pre-installed on the MPC. If you plan on using the desktop software, or a hybrid of both standalone and software, you'll need to have the software and content fully installed and authorized. In this guide, we will help you install and authorize the updated MPC 2.11 software, as well as the included synth content. 


Register the MPC Key 61

  1. Go to and click Account in the top-right.

  2. Log in or create an account if you do not already have one.

  3. Click Register New Product.

    Enter the serial number, purchase date, and purchase location to complete registration. The serial number for your MPC Key 61 will be located on a barcode on the back or bottom of the MPC. The serial number will begin with a (21), though this does not need to be entered during the registration process.

  4. Once the MPC is registered, find your MPC Key 61 in the My Registered Products list. Click View Downloads.

  5. In the Downloads Section, find and download the items below.
    • MPC Key 61 Software Manager
    • MPC Synth Content Manager

Install the MPC Key 61 Driver

Important: The MPC Key 61 requires a driver for use with both macOS and PC operating systems in order to function with the MPC Software. 

  1. Open the MPC Key 61 Software Manager. This should be located in your Downloads folder, or wherever you typically find your downloaded items on your computer.

    This will go through a brief installation before it opens. Be sure to follow any prompts on-screen to allow the software the proper permissions to operate.

  2. Under the Apps section, find and download the Driver for MPC Key 61.

  3. Once the download is complete, click Install and follow the prompts on-screen to complete the installation.

Update the MPC Key 61 Firmware

Early adopters of the MPC Key 61 will need to perform an update early on. This will add new features, new effects plugins, plugin GUIs, MIDI filters, and more. This update is not immediately necessary, but it is recommended for full standalone and software feature access. 

To complete the update, please follow our support article below:

Installing and Authorizing MPC 2.11

Before installing any of the included synth content, be sure to install or update to MPC 2.11. The latest version of the software will be needed to authorize the included synth content. 

  1. In the MPC Key 61 Software Manager under Apps, find the MPC 2 software. Click Download to begin the download.

  2. Once the download has been completed, click Install to start the installation process.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed through the installation. You will have the option to choose which plugin components should be installed, as well as where the VST plugin will be installed (Windows only). We recommend that all users use the default settings for the best results.

  4. Once the software is installed, return to the MPC Key 61 Software Manager.

  5. Next to MPC 2, click Get Activation Code, then click the button to Open My inMusic Profile. This will direct you back to the registration page. Log into your account if you are not already logged in.

  6. Find your MPC Key 61 in the My Registered Products list. Click View Downloads.
  7. In the Downloads Section, click MPC KEY 61 SOFTWARE MANAGER.

  8. Scroll down to find and click Get MPC 2 Serial. This will generate a new software activation code to authorize the MPC 2 software.

  9. Copy the 32-digit activation code and go back to the MPC Key 61 Software Manager. Next to MPC 2, click Open.

  10. Upon opening it for the first time the MPC Software will prompt you to activate it. For new users, click Activate.

    If you already own the MPC 2 software and it is activated to your current computer, you will not need to activate it again. If you believe your software is activated, but it is still requesting activation, please visit our guide here for further assistance.

  11.  On the Activation Code Entry screen, paste the 32-digit activation code into the boxes and click Next.

  12. You will be asked to log in to an iLok account to store your MPC 2 license. The MPC 2 software requires an iLok account, but the software can be activated on either a computer or an iLok dongle. Log in to your iLok account or create a new account if you do not already have one. Click Next.

  13. Choose a location to store the license. For most users, you will see the computer you are currently using appear as an option, though some users will also see any connected iLok dongles here as well. Choose your preferred location and click Next.

  14. Once the activation is successful, click Continue and the MPC 2 software will open.

The MPC Key 61 Software Manager also includes downloads for sample content, like Vault 2.0. Simply download and install these as needed. The MPC 2 software will automatically find all content expansions on startup. No authorization is required.  

Installing and Authorizing the Desktop Synth Content

All available synth content will come pre-installed on the MPC Key 61 itself. This includes four new plugins included with the MPC 2.11 software (Hype, Solina, Mellotron, and Odyssey), as well as six new synth plugins exclusive to the MPC Key 61: 

  • Fabric Collection
  • Organ
  • OPx-4
  • Stage Piano
  • Stage EP
  • Studio Strings

The new synth content for MPC 2 Desktop Software will need to be installed and then authorized through the MPC 2 software.

  1. Open the MPC Synth Content Manager downloaded at the beginning of this tutorial. Here, you will find sections for Included Instruments (computer and standalone), as well as Expansion Instruments (computer and standalone).

  2. Under Computer Installation - Included Instruments, click Download next to each plugin. Once fully downloaded, click Install then follow the prompts on-screen to complete the installation. Do this for each plugin you wish to install.

  3. Under Computer Installation - Expansion Instruments, click Download next to each plugin. Once fully downloaded, click Install then follow the prompts on-screen to complete the installation. Do this for each plugin you wish to install. Some of these plugins are larger and may take time to fully download and install.


Once the plugins have been installed, you're ready to activate! Hype, Solina, Mellotron, and Odyssey will not require activation, but the additional Expansion Instruments will need to be activated.

  1. Open the MPC 2 software. Be sure that this has been updated to v2.11 as described above. This is required before the plugins can be activated.

  2. Go to the MPC Preferences menu (Menu > Edit > Preferences) and select the Activate Plugins tab on the left.

  3. Click Log In to sign in to your inMusic Brands Profile using your Internet browser. If you do not have an inMusic Brands Profile yet, you will be prompted to create one.

  4. Once you have signed in, you can activate your plugins:     
    1. To refresh the page with your latest purchases or activations, click Refresh
    2. To activate a plugin on your device, click the Activate button next to its name. Click Deactivate to remove the plugin activation from your computer.

Once you log in and activate a device (computer or MPC standalone hardware*), the plugins will remain activated until:

  • They are deactivated manually
  • You log out of your account on that device

If you log out and log back in on a device, the plugins will need to be re-activated on that device.

MPC Expansion Instruments can be activated on up to 3 devices simultaneously (including computers and MPC standalone hardware*). If the limit of 3 devices has been reached, the plugin(s) will need to be deactivated on another device before it can be activated on a new device.

*MPC standalone hardware includes the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC One, and MPC Key 61