Difficulty Registering the MPC Key 61

When registering your MPC Key 61, be sure to include the full 15-digit serial number, including any letters that may appear. Input your date and location of purchase and you should be all set! If you experience repeated error messages, be sure to note down exactly which error message you're receiving and reach out to our support team!


My MPC Key 61 is not recognized by my computer

The most important thing to confirm when trying to troubleshoot connectivity issues with your computer is the driver and firmware versions currently installed on your system. The firmware version of your device must match the driver and software versions currently installed on your computer. You can find your MPC Firmware and Drivers bundled into your MPC 2.11 installer located in your Akai Pro account!

If you have confirmed that your MPC software and firmware versions are the same and that your drivers are installed correctly, there are still troubleshooting steps that can be performed! At its core, the MPC Key 61 is a MIDI controller. We have several troubleshooting guides for MIDI controllers, which are linked below!


Difficulty Updating MPC Key 61 Firmware

The MPC Key 61 Firmware Updater is a standalone program that exists within the inMusic Software Manager, found in your inMusic account at Before running this firmware installer, ensure that your device drivers are up to date. From there, download the MPC firmware updater and select install from the window below.

Once installed, launch the firmware updater program and connect your MPC Key 61 to your computer. Please note that only firmware updaters downloaded through the MPC Key 61 software installer should be used to update your device. These instructions should be followed with each MPC Key 61 firmware version that is released.

For more in-depth Firmware Update Instructions,  Click Here.

MPC 2.0 Software Requires Activation Code

You can get this serial number in your account by selecting Get Serial to the right of your MPC 2 Desktop Software in your Akai Pro account. The MPC 2.0 software uses the iLok License Management system to authorize the software. Prior to launching your MPC 2.0 software for the first time, be sure to install the latest version of the iLok License Manager, found here.

Once installed, you can open the iLok License Manager and either create or log in to your existing iLok Account. Select the icon in the image below, and enter the 30-Digit Activation Code from your account. Follow the steps that appear in the prompt to redeem this license to your account.


Once redeemed, right-click your license and select Activate. This will allow you to activate your license to your computer. The next time you launch the MPC Software, it will automatically open! For a more detailed, step-by-step walkthrough, check out the link here!


MPC Key 61 is lagging or freezing during use

Some of the new plugins and instruments on the MPC Key 61 are very system-intensive, as they are some of the most powerful and complex tools ever included with an MPC. It is important when creating on the MPC Key 61 in standalone mode to keep an eye on your System Resources, which can give you insight into how or why your unit is slowing down during use. If you begin to experience lag or freezing on your unit, try navigating to the System Resources panel of your MPC by clicking either the battery or system resource bars available from the Main Mode menu of the MPC. A screen should pull up that looks like the one below.

User-added image

The indicators in this window show current usage statistics:

  • Battery: If you are using MPC Live or Live II powered by its internal battery, the first indicator shows the current battery life as a percentage. (See Battery Usage to learn more about MPC Live and MPC Live II’s internal battery.)
  • CPU: The CPU indicator shows the current CPU as a percentage. If this indicator shows that you are nearing full capacity, you may begin to experience some freezing. Try disabling any unnecessary plugins or effects when not using those tracks! 
  • RAM Usage: The Mem indicator shows your MPC hardware’s current RAM usage.
  • Drives: The Drives indicator shows the available storage space on any detected external storage devices or the internal drive of MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, or MPC One.

If these resources all check out, there may be something else causing your unit to experience lag. Refer to the guide below for a more in-depth look into why your device may be freezing!

When Activating my Synth Content to the Desktop, I only have an option to start a trial. How can I activate my synth plugins?

If this occurs, please ensure that you are logged into the same account that your MPC Key 61 is registered to in the Activate Plugins page of the preferences menu. If you are logged in and are still unable to register your plugins, please reach out to our helpful technical support team with the email used to register the product, your serial number, and proof of purchase, and we will be happy to help!