Akai Pro MPC Key 61 users will receive a v2.11.1 firmware update in their Software Manager. Although not immediately necessary, we do recommend that all MPC Key 61 users install this v2.11.1 update as soon as possible to achieve all intended functionality in standalone and software use. 

Download the Update

The MPC Key 61 firmware updater can be downloaded through the MPC Key 61 Software Manager. 

  1. Go to akaipro.com and click Account in the top-right.
  2. Log in or create an account if you do not already have one.
  3. If you have not already registered your MPC Key 61, click Register New Product.

    Enter the serial number, purchase date, and purchase location to complete registration. The serial number for your MPC Key 61 will be located on a barcode on the back or bottom of the MPC. The serial number will begin with a (21), though this does not need to be entered during the registration process.

  4. Once the MPC is registered, find your MPC Key 61 in the My Registered Products list. Click View Downloads
  5. Locate and download the MPC Key 61 Software Manager.
  6. Install the MPC Key 61 Software Manager. This should open automatically once installed. 
  7. Find and download the Firmware Updater for MPC Key 61.

Before proceeding with any update, make sure to also download and install the MPC Key 61 Driver. The update will not be possible unless the driver is installed. 

Before you Update

How will I know if I need to update?

Early MPC Key 61 users will need to perform the v2.11.1 update upon first use. 

To check if your MPC is up-to-date, look for the latest update version available as described above and check which version is currently installed on your MPC:

  1. On your MPC, press the Menu button.
  2. Find and press the Preferences button to access the MPC settings. This is usually indicated by a Gear icon.
  3. The current firmware version will be listed under the Info tab.

Preparing for the Update

Before updating any firmware on any operating system, it's important to take the following precautions:

  1. Backup Your Data - Updates can be tricky, so be sure you have all your projects and other data stored in a safe, separate drive - just in case.
  2. Check that the Latest Drivers are Installed - If there was a corresponding software update, do this first, and be sure to also update your drivers if needed. The firmware update may fail if your drivers are out-of-date, or if you are using an unsupported operating system.
  3. Connect the MPC to a Power Source - All MPCs should be connected to a stable power source during the update. The MPC Live will not be able to be updated while running on battery power.
  4. Connect the MPC Directly to a USB Port on Your Computer - Avoid using any USB hubs, adapters, extenders, or long USB cables to prevent any lost data during the update. Updates can take time and careful processing. By connecting the MPC directly to the computer, we eliminate potential errors in the update transfer path.
  5. Do Not Use or Power Off the MPC While it's Updating - If the update is interrupted or otherwise does not complete, it can be difficult (or on rare occasions, impossible) to recover it. Only power the MPC off if it has been unresponsive in update mode for several hours. Before you re-attempt the update, be sure to check that all precautions listed here are taken.
  6. Eliminate Distractions- This includes:
    1. Disconnect all other USB/MIDI devices from the computer.
    2. Unplug any MIDI cables plugged into the MIDI ports on the module.
    3. Close all other software running on the computer.

In general, the MPC should have a consistent and working connection to your computer. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms like the ones listed below, do NOT attempt to update the firmware in order to remedy this. 

  • The MPC will not connect to a computer
  • The MPC will not communicate with software at all
  • Latency/delay in playback or other audio playback-related issues
  • Unexpected messages or graphics on the display
  • The MPC will not power on or will power off intermittently

If you experience any trouble with this, please contact our support team before continuing with the update.   

Updating the Firmware

Updating with PC or Mac

Please refer to the precautions above before following the steps below:

  1. Download the PC or Mac Updater as described above
  2. Connect the MPC to your computer and power it on.
  3. Run the firmware updater application.
  4. On your MPC, press the Menu button and select Preferences (this is usually indicated by a gear icon)
  5. On your MPC, select the Info tab on the left if it is not already selected.
  6. Press the UPDATE button at the bottom of the MPC display. Your MPC will restart into Update Mode.
  7. In the firmware updater application on your computer, press Update MPC.

The firmware updater application will begin processing the update. Please allow several minutes for the update to complete. Your MPC will restart once the update is completed.

Emergency Update

If you encounter trouble performing the update, don't worry! Your MPC is unlikely to be damaged by a failed update, but it may require a more manual update process and revisiting the setup used to perform the update.

Review your Update path

If you are having trouble getting your firmware installed, it's important to check your process. The key to a stable and swift update is clearing all extraneous pieces between the update and the MPC. Is this a trusted USB cable? Are you using any USB hubs? Do you have a strong internet connection? Is your USB drive empty and reformatted? 

Check the Preparing for the Update section above for a full pre-update checklist. If an update failed once, you will likely need to change something before trying the update again.

Remove Peripherals

If your MPC gets stuck in the process of the update, try removing any extra devices from the equation. This would include any USB drives and even internal SSD drives.

Manual Update Mode

If you are having trouble getting the MPC into Update Mode or are unable to reach the MPC settings, you can power the MPC off and power it back on using a button combination to boot it straight into update mode. 

Get your update ready according to the instructions above and refer to the button combinations below. You will need to press and hold the designated button combination while powering on the MPC. Continue to hold the buttons until the MPC is fully powered on.

MPCButton Combination

Once the MPC is powered into Update Mode, you can proceed with the update as normal.