We sometimes have users reach out to us because they are unable to download their BFD installer files. in these cases, the user is able to initiate the download, but at some point along the way, the download stops. Remember that BFD content installers are going to be very large. The kits are extremely detailed recreations recorded with a wonderful array of different articulations for each kit piece, resulting in a core audio library that is almost 40GBs even using our proprietary compression algorithm to make downloads smoother! 

The most common issue we see is that users do not have enough room on the hard drive that is set as the default download location. While you should be prompted to choose an alternate drive if the one that is chosen does not have sufficient disk space, we have seen scenarios where a user is able to initiate the download, and then throughout the course of the download, through normal use, the disc space diminishes and the download comes to a halt. 

Another common issue is that some users have other people in their household or studio that are using the same network. This can present similar issues. You may start the download with plenty of bandwidth and the download will appear to be moving along smoothly, but partway through, other users will begin using the same network, causing a bottleneck, and ultimately causing your download to come to a halt. When this happens, be sure that no one is streaming videos, or downloading large files on the same network. 

So the first step should be to make sure that your default download location has sufficient space to accommodate the download. 

To do so: 

  1. Open BFD License Manager. 
  2. Click File> Options on PC, or BFD License Manager>Preferences on Mac (seen in red below)

    3. Then look at the location that is selected. (outlined in blue above)

    4. As you can see from the disk space indicator in the bottom left-hand corner, the drive that this folder resides on only has 21.6 GB left. 

    5. Use the Browse button to choose an alternate drive with more disk space to download the installer. (We do not recommend downloading content installers to the same folder that your BFD Audio Content is stored)

Once this content is downloaded, you will then be prompted to install it from the downloads page. Once you have installed the content into your BFD Audio Content folder, you can go back to the default download folder and delete the installer as it is no longer needed and will only take up valuable disk space. For more information on the content installation process click here.

If you have gone through this process and are still experiencing trouble, please be sure that BFD License Manager is not being blocked by a Firewall, or Anti-Virus software. In some more extreme cases, we have seen Internet Service Providers with built-in Firewalls that were the cause of the issue. It may be helpful to attempt the download on an alternate network if you suspect that is the case.

If you are using macOS, it is also a good idea to make sure that the BFD License Manager has access to all files and folders. To do so click Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click Privacy, then in Files and folders make sure that BFD License Manager is one of the applications with access. 

Lastly, if you are still having trouble. It could be related to your DNS. It may be beneficial to change to the Google Public DNS. and attempt the download again.  

If, you have checked everything mentioned in this article, and are still having trouble please feel free to create a support ticket and we will be happy to help!