How to Retrieve a BFD License From Plugivery

Purchasing BFD from third-party websites may include a serial code that starts with PVAC. This means you have received a code that you must register at Plugivery. If this is what you see, follow the instructions below on properly acquiring your BFD3 license.

  1. Create a Plugivery account. Once you have created an account, you will then need to download the Plugivery license manager.
  2. Once you are into your plugivery license manager, copy your PVAC serial code and paste into the Plugivery software redemption page. 
  3. Please then fill out the requested information from the Plugivery software redemption page. The page you need to be on should look like the screenshot listed below; 


Click the image above to redeem your Plugivery license code! After doing so, you will now see be provided with a BFD serial to be used in the BFD License Manager. This can be confirmed since BFD3 serial codes always start with 'BFD30.'

Redeeming your BFD License with a Serial Code

Once you have your BFD serial beginning with 'BFD30,' you will want to create an account at 

Note: If you have an existing account with,,, and/or, you already have a account! Just use your existing credentials to log in!

Once you have an account, download the BFD License Manager and install it. 

Next, go to Products> Register Product Serial and enter your serial. 

note: BFD expansions will start with "BF" + an abbreviation of the expansion name. 

If you purchased your BFD product from please see: BFD 3 | How Do I Retrieve My License?