Depending on how you obtained your copy of BFD 3, there are a few different ways in which you can redeem your License in order to download and use the program, but it will always include the BFD License Manager. This is where a serial number can be entered and redeemed- not in your account at, as you may have noticed, there are not enough spaces to enter your full 30-digit BFD serial. 

Once the license is registered using the BFD License Manager, it will appear in your account at

Here are some common scenarios:

If you purchased BFD through a 3rd party retailer, you will have been given a download link for BFD License Manager and a code to authorize there. This guide will help: BFD | How to Retrieve a BFD License from a Third-Party Site 

If you migrated from FXpansion with a copy of BFD 3, an account will be made at under the email address associated with your FXpansion account, and your licenses will be deposited there. You will also receive an email to set a password for your new BFD account. Simply log in,  download the BFD License Manager and log into the License Manager with the same credentials. It is important that any future BFD purchases are made using this email address (see below).

If you purchased the program at, the license is automatically deposited into the BFD Drums account associated with the email used to purchase the product (if there is no account, one will be created). This Guide will help further: BFD 3 | How Do I Retrieve My License?

Note: If your serial does not begin with 'BF,' and/or you are having trouble registering it using the BFD License Manager, you may have an old FXpansion serial- which is not compatible with current versions of BFD. If you have not migrated, please migrate your account from FXpansion. If you have already migrated, and have one of these invalid codes, please reach out to us at with the email associated with your BFD Drums account, the name of the product, and the serial you are trying to register. We should be able to provide an updated serial number or simply deposit the title into your account.