Where you download (or re-download) your SONIVOX software will depend on where it was purchased or obtained. There are a few possibilities:

From the Sonivox Webstore

If your software was purchased or obtained directly through the AIR Music website, you will have received an order confirmation email that contains your authorization codes and download links. 

If you need to re-access your downloads at a later date, you will be able to look up your order using the Account Management section on our site. Any software purchase that received an Order Confirmation from AIR Music Tech directly can be located through this portal. 

  1. Go to sonivoxmi.com and click on the account button in the top-right corner.
  2. Enter the email address used for the order and click Continue.*

  3. You will then receive an email with a link to your previous orders issued from the Sonivox website. This will include authorization codes and links for any available downloads.** You may receive two emails. If so, please be sure to click the 'click here to manage orders' link in the most recent email to access your past purchases. 

Please Note

*You will not receive an email if there are no applicable software purchases associated with the email address entered. Please check that you received an order confirmation from Sonivox to that email address, or try an alternate email that may have been used at the time of purchase. If you are confident that this email address was used for the purchase, please make sure to check your Spam and All Mail folders in your inbox.

**This download will expire automatically after one year from the date of purchase. If you need to re-download the software after this point, please submit a support ticket with your order number. If you are only in need of an update for software that is already installed, please see our section below

From a Third-Party seller

If your software was purchased through a third-party seller such as Plugin Boutique, KVR, Sweetwater, and more, all of your downloads and authorization codes will be provided to you by that seller. This typically starts as an order confirmation email at the time of purchase, but each seller may be different in how they provide the authorization code and structure the download process. 

If you are trying to download for the first time or re-download any time after the purchase, we recommend:

  1. Find the original Order Confirmation email using the email address used at the time of purchase. Often times simply searching the name of the plugin in your inbox will help if you're unsure where the plugin was purchased or when. You may find a link or download instructions right in this email.

  2. Contact the seller. Once you've confirmed where and when the plugin was purchased, you can use this to reach out to the seller for assistance if instructions are not readily available. They should be able to assist in finding your order and any authorization codes and download links that are still available. 

Please keep in mind that some sellers may have a limit on the amount of time they will host a download link after your order has been placed. For any software that is only obtained through download (most plugins these days), we recommend saving the installers locally on a drive (internal, external, or cloud) for use installing on other computers or re-installing in the future.

Included with Hardware 

Users that have obtained hardware from Brands such as, Akai Professional, M-audio, and Alesis will acquire Air Music Technology and Sonivox plugins. You may access these plugins from your software downloads section under your respective account.

Other Options

Downloading an Update

If you are only looking for an update to software that is already installed, you can find update-only installers right on the product page.

You may locate the software instrument you own from the Virtual Instruments section on the Sonivox website. You can scroll through the software instruments and then locate the software instrument you are seeking the download for. 

Once you locate the software you are seeking the download for, you may scroll down the software product page and locate the UPDATES for this plugin. This section will have the immediate download for software instrument that is compatible with your system.

Downloading a Trial Version

It is possible to download the complete and latest version of each plugin if a Trial Version or Demo is offered through our website. This will give you a full version of the software and a trial license but can be activated fully if you already have a license for the software 

You may also install the trial version of the software instrument, which will allow you to download the software.

  1. If you press TRY IT FOR FREE, you will then be requested to enter your email address and iLok User ID. 
  2.  You will then receive a download for the trial version of the software instrument. However, if you already own the full version of the software instrument, make sure the software is authorized on your iLok ID and activated on your computer. If so, the full version of the software will then "unlock" onto your computer, and you will then be able to access the software.

Please follow this article for further assistance on activating your Sonivox plugins.