This article will cover the BFD 3 Software installation. 


Obtaining Your License

When you purchase BFD 3 you will be provided with a link to download the BFD License Manager, this will be your main control center for Registering, Downloading, and Authorizing BFD licences. 

BFD | How Do I Retrieve My License? 

BFD | How to Retrieve a BFD License from a Third-Party Site

The guides above go over license delivery methods. In short, if you bought BFD 3 from, the license will be added to the account associated with the email address that you used to purchase the product

If you purchased it from a third-party site, you will be given a 30-digit code beginning with 'BF' to be entered using the BFD License Manager. See below. 

In the BFD License Manager, you will want to make sure you are logging into the correct account. 

Once you are logged in, use the Products menu to choose Register Product Serial...

Then enter the 30-Digit code beginning with 'BFD30' for BFD3.

The Guides above go through this process in greater detail. 

Once the license has been registered using the process above, or automatically dropped into the account that you used to purchase it, you will be able to see it in the License Manager under Registered Products - at this point it should also be visible in the account that you are logged into. 

Downloading the BFD 3 Software Installer

Once you see BFD3 listed in the License Manager, you are ready to begin the installation. 

First, click on BFD3 in Registered Products then click on Download next to BFD3 Software Installer 3.X.X. 

Now, the installer for BFD3 will begin downloading. Click on the Downloads tab to see the progress

Note: Installers will be downloaded to your downloads folder by default. After the product is installed, feel free to go there and delete the installer. 

Installing BFD 3

Once BFD3 software installer is finished downloading, you can press the Play button to open the download location and begin the installation. 

On the next screen choose the appropriate installer for your operating system. The file ending in .dmg is for Mac installation, while the one ending in _win will be for Windows.

Note: Be sure to close BFD License Manager before clicking on the installer. The installation will not be able to complet with any open instances of BFD License Manager, or BFD3 software. See this guide for further help if you are getting stuck here: BFD 3 | Error: BFD License Manager is running, and needs to be updated...

Next, follow the install wizard prompts. 

BFD Standalone must be installed to the default location. This is your local drive, not on a partition. 

On Windows, this will be the c;\ drive, on macOS it will be the MacHD. 

We are only installing the BFD software here. Not the Audio Content. It is a relatively small file, so don't worry about it taking up too much real estate on your local drive. 

The plugin should be installed to the same folder that houses your other plugins. If you do not have other plugins, the default location is a good place to start. This is where most plugins are installed by default anyway. 

On Windows, this will be C:\Program Files\ Steineberg\VSTPlugins

On Mac, this will be /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components 

Great Job! BFD 3 Software has been installed on your computer. Remember, this is only the program. We will still need to install the Audio Content.  

Installing the BFD 3 Audio Content

If you are looking for help with the installation of the BFD 3 Audio Content, or Expansions, please see the following guide:

BFD3 | How Do I Install My BFD 3 Content and Expansions?