The Stanton STX is a portable, scratch turntable with built-in speakers and a rechargeable Li-On Battery. It has everything you need to scratch on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of battery does the STX use?

The STX uses a Lithium Ion 18650 3.6v battery with a capacity of 2100mAh / 7.5Wh.

Does the STX include batteries?

The STX does include batteries, but these will be packed separately for safety while shipping. Please be sure to check the box for batteries before discarding any packaging. 

To install the batteries, look for the compartment on the bottom of the STX. Open the compartment and you will see slots for two batteries. Only one battery is needed to power the STX; the other slot can be used for holding a spare battery. While the unit is charging, only the main battery will charge, not the spare battery.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to install the battery in the proper direction before powering on the STX. Failure to do this could damage the STX. 

How do I charge the STX?

You can charge STX Li-ION Battery via the included USB C cable and a USB charging port - computer, power bank, or USB C power adapter (sold separately). The charging port must be rated to supply the standard 5v, 2A. A charging source with less amperage may not charge the battery properly. 

When fully charged, how long does the battery last?

A full battery will power the STX for about 2 hours of constant use at moderate volume.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The STX battery will take about 4 hours to charge completely when not in use. There is no charging LED or battery level indicator. 

While using the USB recording feature, what format is the recorded file?

All recordings will be saved as .WAV files.

What type of crossfader is installed?

The Stanton STX comes with the new Innofader Nano crossfader. 

Can I upgrade or add a second crossfader?

Absolutely! Two crossfaders can be installed at once. Use the Fader Selector Switch to choose which fader is active. Instructions on how to replace/add a crossfader can be found in the included manual.

What size and speed of records can I play?

You can play any 7" record at any speed using the 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM switch. The STX does not support 10" or 12" records.

Can I connect an external mixer or speakers?

Yes - Using a pair of stereo RCA cables, connect STX's RCA output to the Line Input of a Mixer or Powered Speakers (RCA Cable Sold Separately)

Will the internal speaker and line output be muted while headphones are connected?

Yes, the internal speaker and line outputs will be muted automatically when headphones are connected.

Can I record / sample vinyl scratching with STX?

Yes - Using a USB Thumb drive, capture your record, Bluetooth audio, and the Aux Input with high-quality audio (.WAV).

What format/size USB drive is supported for the USB record feature?

The USB drive record feature requires the drive to be formatted to FAT32 file system. We recommend using a 64GB drive or smaller.

Does the USB record include the stereo input and Bluetooth signals?

Yes, any signal going to the speakers or headphones will be sent to the USB record, including the line-input and Bluetooth.

Can the stereo input and Bluetooth be used simultaneously?

Yes. To balance the signal levels, use the volume control on the source device.

Can the USB-C port be used to record to a computer? 

The USB-C port is only used for charging and powering the STX.

Does the STX include a cover for travel?

Yes - The STX includes a removable cover to protect the tonearm and other components during travel. The cover can also be placed beneath the STX to act as a base and raise the height of the turntable.