The Rane FOUR gets it's name from the ability to perform with four channels in Serato DJ Pro, allowing advanced control of Serato Stems. 

Since there are four channels on the FOUR, there are assignment switches on the front of the unit for the crossfader. 

The options for each deck are as follows:

  • L - assign the channel to the Left of the crossfader
  • R - assign the channel to the Right of the crossfader 
  • THRU - the crossfader has no affect on the channel at all

Traditionally, most users will be accustomed to decks 1 and 3 being assigned to the Left of the crossfader, and decks 2 and 4 being assigned to the Right of the crossfader, as shown below. This will make Serato Stems easier to control, but is completely user adjustable depending on your playing style. 

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