One of the simplest improvements made from our previous FX units to the Prime was untethering you from your computer for backups; and while that is still an option you now have the ability to save and load rigs on the go, a perfect tool for a touring and performing musician. This guide will walk you through the new ways of backing up, and allow you to get working even when on the go.


A word on the Headrush Cloud

While the cloud is a wonderful tool with a lot of intuitive tools that can be used for backing up, it does immediately share whatever you upload to it to the wider community. If that's not something you mind, then please see our video on the Headrush Cloud.

Drive Backups

USB Storage Drives are supported through the USB A port on the back of the unit. With this option, a drive can save your backups, load content from them and allow you to function without connecting to a computer. To do so, connect up drive, go into the Menu and select Browse. From here, tap into the files and rigs you want to back up and simply hit the Export button to send them over to your drive. 

When you're ready to bring them back, call them up on the USB Drive by tapping them, then hit the Load button. Afterwards navigate out to to your rig and save to save this copy to your unit. 

Dropbox Backups

Connecting your Prime to a Dropbox account is very similar to connecting up your Prime to the Headrush Cloud. To start, you will need a Dropbox account ahead of time and a second internet connected device like a phone or computer. Enable Wifi on the Prime if you haven't already, and head into the Browse section of the Menu. 

From here, tap the Dropbox option on the left and your screen will populate with some instructions and a specialized login code that will last for 5 minutes(or 300 seconds). In that time you will need to head to and enter the code in the center of the screen, then login to your Dropbox account through the device before returning to the Prime, at which point you'll be able to begin using Dropbox like a USB Drive.

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