Hard-Wired Stereo Link Connection Guide 

To link to an additional unit, use an XLR cable (not included) and link from the Primary PA to the Secondary speaker via the XLR Out / MIX OUT on the Total PA > XLR Aux In on the additional model. 

If you would like to daisy chain more Total PAs together, you can then run another XLR cable out of the secondary speaker's Mix Out and repeat the steps with a third speaker, and so on

PLEASE NOTE: Linking capabilities are solely dependent on the specific models in use, not all ION Total PA models can be linked together in this way.

1. With the Power Switch on each speaker turned to the off position, connect each speaker to a power outlet.

2. Plug an XLR cable into the Mix Out located on the rear panel of one Total PA speaker. This speaker (the primary) is the one to which you will connect audio sources such as a Bluetooth device, microphone, or USB flash drive. 

3. Plug the other end of the XLR cable into the XLR Input on the rear panel of your second Total PA speaker. This second speaker will receive the audio from any devices connected to the first speaker (the primary). 

4. Power on both speakers using their Power Switches.

5. Connect your audio sources to the first speaker (the primary). 

6. Make sure that each speaker’s Master Volume control is set to the same position. 

7. With one of your audio sources playing, gradually turn up the Aux Input Volume on the second Total PA speaker until the volume of this speaker matches the volume of the first speaker (the primary)