Due to the nature of the static platters on the Rane FOUR, some users may wish to customize the start and stop time, or braking, in Serato DJ Pro.

Adjusting the stop time in Serato DJ Pro may be beneficial to users coming from turntable setups, as turntables typically have a longer stop time than DJ controllers, which can end songs abruptly due to the lack of a motor.

However, it may be advantageous for turntable users to adjust the stop time to recreate this braking speed for use as an effect when mixing.

The start time can be adjusted as well, to simulate the sound of a turntable winding up to speed.

To adjust the start or stop time in Serato DJ Pro, open the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen, then navigate to the section titled BRAKING under the DJ Preferences tab.

Once you have adjusted the BRAKING settings to your preference, your settings will be saved automatically upon exiting the settings menu.