Hardware (Engine OS)

New Features

  • Touch FX - Use the touchscreen to control and interact with FX in a whole new way. Touch FX bring powerful effect combinations to your fingertips. Swipe in any direction to instantly create build-ups, drops, and transitions. The added ability to latch Touch FX allows you to focus on other aspects of your mix while the effect remains active. Touch FX are available for all Engine DJ devices, including Media Players, however, the selection of available Touch FX will vary by the device.

    New Touch FX include:

    • Filter Echo

    • Filter Reverb

    • Filter Roll

    • LFO Echo

    • Filter Dub Echo

    • Filter Gate 

    • Noise Gate

    • Flanger

    • LFO Filter 

    • Filter

  • New Main FX - Denon DJ devices receive 18 new and updated Main FX, for a total of 26. This suite of new dynamic effects provides DJs with easy-to-use tools to build energy, create drama, aid with transitions, and individualize their performances.

    New Main FX include:

    • Echo Out 

    • Swell Verb

    • Hold Echo

    • Recycler

    • Stutter Out

    • Riser

    • Pitch Down

    • Scale Down

    • Reverb

    • LFO Verb

    • Reverb Drop

    • Reverse Reverb

    • Reverb Rise

    • Flanger (-)

    • Beat Break

    • Backspin

    • Brake

    • Roll

  • All effects now offer a Frequency parameter, allowing you to apply the effect to a focused frequency range. 

  • Added the ability to read Smartlists created in Engine DJ (Desktop).

  • Sampler Updates:

    • Sampler audio can be routed to any available channel or the Main output. To change the Sampler routing, open Settings and choose the Mixer tab. 

    • The Sampler pad mode can now also be accessed by pressing the ROLL pad mode button twice without holding the Shift button. (Denon DJ hardware) 

    • The sampler volume setting is now remembered between power cycles.  

  • Added support for PRIME 4+ hardware

Improvements and Fixes

  • Track Preview can now be routed directly to the headphones for instant track previews without setting the cue source in advance. (PRIME 4)

  • Reworded Effect parameter reset behavior setting to make it clearer.

  • Fixed an issue where the Date Added field was incorrectly setting newly added tracks as the day before.

  • Fixed an issue where the internal SATA drive would not show up as a source immediately after updating.

  • Fixed an issue where a track remained in the Prepare list when loading to a deck in certain situations.

  • Improved peak hold behavior on all products that have peak hold VU meters.

  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements


Software (Engine Desktop)

New Features

  • Smartlists - Automatically organize songs from all connected drives into playlists based on the criteria or rules that you specify. To create a Smartlist, click the Smartlist icon on the Collection folder or right-click on an existing Playlist and select ‘Create Smartlist’. You can easily turn a Smartlist into a regular playlist by right-clicking the Smartlist and choosing ‘Convert to Playlist’. This creates a Playlist with the same name & content as the Smartlist.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the highlighted track from updating when bulk editing metadata.

  • Fixed an issue where the Date Added field was incorrectly setting newly added tracks as the day before.

  • Fixed an issue where Serato beat grids were not imported correctly.

  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements