Ableton Link: Syncing Your Lighting with Ease 

SoundSwitch version 1.6.5 introduces a game-changing feature known as "Ableton Link," designed to make syncing your lighting shows even more effortless. Here's what you need to know about this innovative addition:

 1. What Is Ableton Link? 

   - Ableton Link is a technology that facilitates time synchronization among devices over a local network, eliminating the need for physical cable connections.

   - With Ableton Link integrated into SoundSwitch, users can effortlessly sync their Autoloop lighting scenes, ensuring precise timing derived from any Ableton Link-enabled application.

 2. Supported Applications: 

   - SoundSwitch seamlessly works with several renowned DJ applications, allowing for smooth synchronization via Ableton Link. Some of the compatible applications include:

     - Serato DJ Pro

     - Ableton Live 10

     - Traktor Pro 3

     - Ableton Live

     - Rekordbox

 3. For a Complete List: 

   - If you're curious about other applications that work seamlessly with Ableton Link, explore the full list by visiting this link:

 4. Single Computer Setup: 

   - In this setup, SoundSwitch and the DJ performance software run on the same computer, connected via Ableton Link. The SoundSwitch hardware interface is linked through the computer's USB port.

   - You can also incorporate additional MIDI controllers to take control of Autoloops and other MIDI features within SoundSwitch.

   - For Mac users running Ableton Live, MIDI can be directly sent to SoundSwitch through a MIDI track, using Ableton Live's MIDI in/out routing feature without requiring a VST. This functionality empowers performers to automate Autoloop launches, Static Looks, and MIDI override effects within SoundSwitch.

 5. Multiple Computers Setup: 

   - Ableton Link isn't just about syncing on a single computer. It enables multiple computers to connect over the same network and share precise timing data.

   - In this configuration, SoundSwitch operates as a front-of-house lighting controller, allowing a lighting technician to synchronize Autoloops, Static Looks, and MIDI override actions with the timing provided by the performer's Ableton Link-enabled software.

 6. MIDI Routing (Mac Only): 

   - On Mac computers, you can send MIDI directly to SoundSwitch, giving you control over Static Looks, MIDI Overrides, and Autoloop lighting scenes directly from Ableton Live.

   - This integration enhances the flexibility and control you have over your lighting effects.

7. Midi Routing (Windows Only):

While the Mac operating system allows you to send MIDI directly to SoundSwitch from applications like Ableton Live, achieving the same level of control on Windows machines may require the use of a third-party MIDI tool, such as Bome. Here's how you can make it work:

 1. Download and Install Bome: 

   - Begin by downloading and installing a third-party MIDI tool like Bome MIDI Translator Pro, which is compatible with Windows.

 2. Configure MIDI Routes: 

   - After installing Bome or a similar tool, you can set up MIDI routes to ensure your MIDI signals from your DJ software reach SoundSwitch.

   - You'll need to configure these routes within the third-party tool to establish the connection.

 3. Sync with SoundSwitch: 

   - With the MIDI routes properly configured, your DJ software can now communicate with SoundSwitch, allowing you to control Static Looks, MIDI Overrides, and Autoloop lighting scenes directly from your DJ application on your Windows machine.

While Windows may require an extra step involving third-party MIDI tools, this solution allows you to achieve the same level of control and synchronization as on Mac computers. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of this functionality.

Ableton Link simplifies the process of synchronizing your lighting shows, ensuring your visuals align perfectly with your music, no matter the configuration. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support team.