Fader Modes in SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch is designed to seamlessly integrate with your mixer or controller's faders, enhancing your lighting performance as you crossfade between audio tracks. You can customize how SoundSwitch responds to your fader movements through the Performance Mode Tab in Preferences. Here's a breakdown of the four available fader modes and how they work:

 1. Blend Mode: 

- In Blend Mode, the crossfader gradually blends between the lighting tracks loaded on each deck.

- For example, if the left deck has a Blue light show and the right deck has a Red light show, when the crossfader is at halfway, SoundSwitch will output a blend of the two light shows, creating Magenta, which is a combination of Red and Blue.

- This mode also blends the Position Cues of the two tracks.

- Note: For other lighting attributes like Gobo, SoundSwitch switches between them as they cannot be blended.

 2. Cut Mode: 

- Cut Mode causes SoundSwitch to hard switch between both light shows for all lighting attributes when the crossfader reaches the halfway point.

 3. Scratch Mode: 

- In Scratch Mode, you can scratch and move the crossfader without affecting the lights until the crossfader is pushed all the way to the other side.

- For instance, if Red light shows are loaded on the left deck and Blue light shows on the right, the light show remains Red until the crossfader is pushed all the way to the right. Only then does the light show switch to the Blue light show on the left deck.

 4. Upfader Only: 

- Upfader Only Mode is ideal for DJs who mix using the upfaders or have 4 decks.

- In this mode, SoundSwitch plays back the light show based on the highest fader's position. If the channel fader for Deck One is at full, the lights display the light show for the song loaded on Deck One.

- Pulling down Fader One and lifting Fader Two will switch to the light shows from Deck Two.

 Decks 1-2, Decks 3-4, and Decks 1-4: 

- These options determine which decks in your DJ software or hardware have their light shows played back by SoundSwitch.

 Active Faders: 

- You can disable specific faders with Active Faders, ensuring they have no effect on SoundSwitch. This feature is useful when incorporating external turntables or effect machines into your setup.

For Serato DJ users or those with external interfaces like the SL4 or Denon DS1, you'll need to map the faders on your controller or mixer using the External Mixer options.

Customizing these fader modes allows you to have precise control over your lighting effects as you mix your music, enhancing your overall performance..