SoundSwitch x SC6000(M) & SC5000(M) + X1850

SoundSwitch supports StagelinQ connection to the Denon DJ SC5000(m) and SC6000(m) Media Players.

Note:  It's important to remember that this connection type is different from Engine Lighting, which is SoundSwitch running directly on the DJ Hardware. This method is only to be used if you want to connect your hardware to a machine running SoundSwitch.

If you want to use Engine Lighting, please refer to the article below:

 Connection Steps: 

 Step 1:  Connect an Ethernet cable from the Denon DJ X1850 Mixer's PC port to the computer running SoundSwitch.

 Step 2:  Connect the Players to the X1850 Mixer.

- Player One: Connect an Ethernet cable from Player One Link Port to Port 1 on the X1850.

- Player Two: Connect an Ethernet cable from Player Two Link Port to Port 3 on the X1850.

 Step 3:  Open SoundSwitch and enter Performance Mode.

 Step 4:  Open the SoundSwitch Preferences and select Engine Prime and the Prime 4 option as shown below:

 Important note:  You will need to restart SoundSwitch for these settings to take effect.

 Step 5:  Once SoundSwitch has restarted, enter Performance Mode and check the Connection Status Icons are showing active as shown below:

This video shows you how to set up the Denon DJ Players and Mixer with SoundSwitch..

These steps should help you set up the connection between your Denon DJ Players and X1850 Mixer with SoundSwitch for a seamless performance experience.