Virtual DJ 2024 "My Lists"

Virtual DJ 2024 has introduced a new feature called "My Lists," replacing the previous "Playlists." Here's a quick overview:

What are "My Lists"?

"My Lists" in Virtual DJ 2024 are collections of tracks organized for your convenience. They serve a similar purpose to the old playlists but come with updated functionalities.

Important Information:

  • Compatibility with SoundSwitch: Currently, SoundSwitch does not support the new "My Lists" feature. Our team is actively working on an update to ensure compatibility.
  • Transition: Any playlists or folders created in previous versions of Virtual DJ will remain accessible in SoundSwitch. However, any new lists created using Virtual DJ 2024 will not appear in SoundSwitch until the compatibility update is released.

UPDATE: From the Virtual DJ Team

The Virtual DJ Team has confirmed that if you want to use the 2024 version you can export the new "Lists" as playlists which will then work with SoundSwitch. Please read the below document for all the necessary information:

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues or have concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to assist you.