If your MPK mini 3 shows the message “Upgrade v??.??” on the display, this may indicate that the firmware needs to be reinstalled. Follow the instructions in this guide to install the latest version of the MPK mini 3 firmware.

mpk-mini-mk3-sl-angleK (1).png

Download the Firmware Update

Start by downloading the firmware. You can find this on the MPK mini 3 download page, or by using the links below. Please be aware that the macOS updater is not compatible with newer M1-based Apple computers.


Open the Updater

Once downloaded, you should find the updater application in your system Downloads folder, or wherever downloaded files are normally placed in your system.

For macOS users, simply double-click the downloaded file to start the updater application. Move to the Run the Firmware Update section.

For Windows users, please be sure to Unzip, or Extract, the contents of the folder before running the application inside. The application will come in a zipped folder and may not run correctly if not unzipped first.

  1. Select the file and click Extract at the top, then Extract All.

  2. In the next prompt, check off the box labeled Show extracted files when complete and click Extract. Once complete, you will be presented with an unzipped version of the folder:

  3. Click inside the folder and run the application called MPKmini3_Updater_v1.18. If prompted with a “Windows Protected Your PC” message, select More Info > Run Anyway to bypass.


Run the Firmware Update

  1. Connect one end of your USB cable to the computer. While connecting the other end of the cable to your MPK mini 3, hold down the Bank and Prog Select buttons. This will put it in firmware update mode.

  2. Follow the prompts inside the firmware update application to run and complete the update. This should not take very long.

Once complete, the Upgrade v??.?? will be gone and your MPK mini 3 should function normally.