AIR Music Tech has been actively testing all applicable software products with each beta release of Windows 11. We understand how important it is for all our users to know exactly what works before they make the jump on any new OS updates.

We encourage all our users to remain on their current Windows OS until all necessary hardware and software products have been qualified for use with the new Windows 11 operating system. 

Please refer to this article for all AIR Music Tech software compatibility with Windows 11. This page will be updated regularly to reflect any changes to product compatibility as testing is completed.

Supported Software

Any product not listed below is not considered to be supported with Windows 11 at this time.


Product VersionWin 11VST2VST3AAX
AIR Creative FX Collection Plus1.2.11 (2021 Update)SupportedXX*
AIR Delay Pro1.0.0SupportedXXX
AIR Vocal FX Collection1.0.1SupportedXXX
Boom1.2.11 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
DB331.2.7.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Drum Synth 5001.1 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
AIR Ether1.0.1SupportedXXX
Fabric (collection)1.1.0SupportedXXX
Flavor Pro1.1.0SupportedXXX
Hybrid (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Jura Chorus1.0.0SupportedXXX
Loom II2.0.0.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Mini D1.1.0SupportedXXX
Mini Grand1.2.7.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
AIR Sprite1.0.0SupportedXXX
Stage EP1.1.0SupportedXXX
Stage Piano1.1.0SupportedXXX
Strike2.0.7.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Studio Strings1.1.0SupportedXXX
The Riser1.0.7.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
TimewARP 26001.0.0SupportedX-*
Transfuser (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Vacuum Pro1.0.7.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Velvet2.0.7.2 (2021 Update)SupportedX-X
Vocal Distortion1.0.1SupportedXXX
Vocal Doubler1.0.1SupportedXXX
Vocal Harmonizer1.0.1SupportedXXX
Vocal Tuner1.0.1SupportedXXX
Xpand! (2021 Update)SupportedX-X

* - AAX only installs FX not included in Avid Link.

How do I prevent my system from updating automatically?

Windows 11 is rolling out in stages to all eligible Windows users, but it may be some time before some users receive a prompt to update.

While automatic updates can be a useful feature for some, anyone that relies on the stability of their software and hardware tools should prefer control over which base operating system is installed on their system. Automatic updates will not account for software compatibility before updating which could lead to problems with stability and other functionality if your gear is not ready for the changes in the operating system.

To avoid any delays or downtime, it's best to be deliberate with the decision to update and use the opportunity to check that all your software and hardware tools will be compatible before making the jump. To turn off automatic updates on Windows, please do the following:

1) Navigate to the Settings Menu.
2) Choose Update & Security, then select Windows Update.
3) Select Advanced Options.
4) Find the Pause Updates section and choose a date from the drop-down list. Updates will not complete automatically until this date is reached.


Please be aware that this method will require that an update be installed once the pause reaches the chosen date. If you wish to permanently prevent your Windows OS from updating automatically, this will need to be done using the Windows registry. You can find instructions for this here. We recommend taking extreme caution before making any changes to your system's registry.