The 1/4" outputs on all HeadRush boards can operate at either line or amp level. Amp level should only be used if connecting your board directly to a traditional guitar or bass amplifier. 

If you find that your Pedalboard output is low while using the 1/4" outputs, check that the Amp/Line switch on the back of the Headrush is set to Line. This will set the HeadRush’s output to the correct level for the FRFR’s line-level inputs, which is +18dBu. The XLR outputs will always operate at Line-level. 


If using a HeadRush MX5 or Gigboard, an output level option can be found in the Global Settings menu. Tap the ... in the top-right corner of the display and find the Main Out Level under the Audio Configuration settings. Set this to Line.

For Looperboard users, you can find the output level setting by tapping on the Navigation Menu in the top-left corner and selecting Global Settings. Select the Audio tab to find and set the 1/4" Output Level to Line. The XLR outputs will always operate at Line-level.