Hardware Setup

1. Connect your Oxygen to your computer.

2. Press the DAW/Preset button (#1) on your Oxygen keyboard to enter into DAW mode. Notice that the DAW button is now lit (#2)

3. Press and hold the DAW/Preset button (#2) on your Oxygen keyboard.

4. Using the < or > Buttons (#3 or 4), scroll to “Mc1” and then release the DAW/Preset button to select it.

Your transport controls, faders, buttons and knobs will now have messages mapped for Cubase.

To provide the most versatile controller, the Oxygen series has 2 modes, Preset and DAW mode.

  • When in DAW mode all of the controls will be used for controlling DAW functions and controls.
  • When in Preset mode all of the controls will be used for controlling Virtual Instrument parameters and controls.

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Software Setup

1. Click Studio and navigate to Studio Setup….

2. Click on the MIDI Port Setup, and select Oxygen ##, MIDIIN2 (Oxygen ##), and MIDIOUT2 as Visible, and Oxygen ##  as Visible and All MIDI In Selected.

IMPORTANT:  Do not have “All MIDI In” active for MIDIIN2. This causes issues with the faders sending unwanted pitch messages.

3. Click Remote Devices.

4. Click the + icon and select “Mackie Control” from the pulldown menu.

Note: To send MIDI from the Oxygen's MIDI DIN output port, enable the box for Oxygen, MIDI DIN.

5. In the "MIDI Input" drop-down menu, select MIDIIN2 (Oxygen ##). This may be labeled as Mackie/HUI on a Mac.

6. Click OK.

7. The Transport, Channel Faders, Mute, Solo, Select, Panning, Clip Play Row 1, Back, Encoder, and Bank Controls should be controllable with the Oxygen Pro series keyboard while in DAW mode.

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Creating an Instrument Track

1. In Cubase, go to Project > Add Track > Instrument.

2. Then in the pull-down menu select a Virtual Instrument.

3. Click “Add Track”.

4. The virtual instrument should be controllable with the Oxygen series keyboard while in Preset mode.

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