The Marantz Professional Turret and AVS are unique, all-in-one broadcast tools that gives any podcaster, gamer or live internet streamer high-quality components with a multitude of configurations for creating a professional presentation. They're compact and simple, perfect on a desktop and portable enough to take on location. As such we've noticed an influx of users looking to use these with Bluetooth Headphones. 


Limitations of using your device

To begin, neither the Turret not the AVS has a bluetooth interface. These devices were created for streaming with as low latency and highest A/V quality possible and to accomplish this goal wired connections achieved that. However, with the rise of higher quality, lower latency bluetooth signals many streamers have found the parameters of bluetooth to be acceptable. The good news is that most programs like Twitch or Zoom allow a separation of incoming audio in and out from different devices to allow you to use the microphone and the camera off your devices if you so choose this option; the bad news is that you will still experience some latency between your video and audio because of the difference between a wired connection and bluetooth. As such we cannot recommend this method for professional recordings, but with that in mind many programs will have a latency adjust to compensate for this, please consult their guides for help.

If your computer has bluetooth audio

If your computer has bluetooth audio, we are going to want to first and foremost activate the bluetooth transmitter by clicking the bluetooth icon on your main taskbar. For Mac users, this is in the top right. For Windows users, you're looking for an upward pointing arrow in the bottom right that will show your hidden icons, and then clicking the bluetooth icon inside there.

You'll then want to put your headphones into pairing mode(please consult product guide) and pair the headphones to the computer. Once this is done, you'll want to go into your Sound Settings on Windows or Audio/Midi Setup on Mac and make sure the headphones are your default Output/Speakers and your Marantz device is your default Input/Microphone. This will allow you to use the two of them together in your program of choice.

If your computer does not have bluetooth audio

In this scenario you are going to need a USB powered bluetooth transmitter to send the audio from your device via the 1/8in. or 3.5mm jack. You're going to want to be careful with the selection of this peripheral- many bluetooth transmitters are made for connection to car stereos, and as such have a microphone built in. You do not want to use those as there is a chance the connector is not properly setup to broadcast the stereo signal for your headphones.

All you would need to do in this scenario is follow the transmitter's setup instructions and get your headphones paired. You would need to let the Marantz device handle all Audio In and Out, since Audio from your computer is routing out to the headphone monitor, out to the Bluetooth Transmitter and into your headphones. Please note that using this method will introduce even more latency; potentially more than even the latency adjustment for your program will handle.