The information discussed in this guide does not apply to any iLok-based AIR plugins. For a list of these and instructions on activating, please visit the FAQ question below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a software activation code or license for my plugin?

Upon purchase, a license code will be deposited into the inMusic Profile associated with the email entered at purchase. So be sure to use the email associated with your current inMusic Brands/ account when checking out. However, this will remain in your account and will not be needed for the activation process. The activations are linked directly to your inMusic Profile, meaning that activating any computer simply involves logging into your inMusic Profile when prompted in the plugin UI. 

How can I re-download the software?

After your purchase, download links will be readily available in two places:

  1. The order confirmation email you received after the purchase

  2. In your AIR Music account. To access your account, follow the link below and enter your email address. You will be sent an email with a link to access your account and all available downloads from your purchases at

How do I authorize the software to another computer?

Authorizing the software to the first computer and any subsequent computer will be the same. Each plugin installation will install a standalone version of the application that can be run outside of the DAW. Authorizing the plugin simply involves launching this standalone app and logging into your inMusic account when prompted. The plugin will now be activated directly to the computer.

Alternatively, you can authorize the plugin through your DAW. When your DAW scans for plugins (on startup or manually) and finds your AIR plugin for the first time, an authorizer will be launched. Just as with the standalone application, follow the prompts to log into your inMusic Profile.

To Authorize an MPC OS-compatible plugin, simply log into your inMusic account on the MPC by going to Preferences>Activate Plugins and clicking 'login.' Follow the prompts to log in on your wireless device or computer and then click "activate" found next to the 

How many times can I authorize my AIR Plugins?

Each of these AIR plugins can be authorized on up to three (3) computers simultaneously. This means that you can have three computers all running the software at the same time.

How do I authorize a fourth computer?

If you have already activated your AIR plugin to three (3) computers and would like to authorize a fourth computer, simply follow the same installation and activation process on the new computer and the first activation will be seamlessly moved to your new computer. 

If you need to re-authorize the original computer, simply follow the same process, log back in when prompted, and your system will be authorized again!

Do I need to deactivate my plugins if I get a new computer?

There is no need to deactivate your plugins. You can activate up to three (3) computers simultaneously, and when a fourth activation is needed, it will be moved from a prior activation. Basically, the activation will automatically deactivate as you activate new computers.

Which AIR plugins still use the iLok Authorization system?

The following plugins still currently utilize the PACE iLok Authorization System and therefore use a different process for authorization. Please see below for a full list and visit our guide here for a walkthrough on authorizing these plugins. 

  • AIR Creative FX Collection
  • Boom
  • DB-33
  • Drum Synth 599
  • Hybrid 3
  • Loom Classic
  • Loom II
  • Mini Grand
  • Strike
  • Structure
  • theRiser
  • Timewarp 2600
  • Transfuser 2
  • Vacuum
  • Vacuum Pro
  • Velvet
  • Xpand!2