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Guide Contents

Hardware Setup

Please Note: Before following the steps below, make sure you have the latest version of your Oxygen Pro firmware installed. This can be found in your account after registering your keyboard, or on the product page for your Oxygen Pro. 


1. Connect Oxygen Pro to your computer.

2. Press and hold the DAW button (#5) on your Oxygen Pro keyboard.

Note: On the Oxygen Pro Mini, and Oxygen Pro 25, press the Preset/DAW button when in DAW mode (button lit).

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3. Using the Encoder directly below the OLED screen (#8), scroll to “Bitwig” and then press the Encoder to select it.

4. Press and hold the Shift button, and press the Global button.

5. Using the Encoder directly below the OLED screen, scroll to PC, and the press the Encoder to enter into selecting your OS.

6. Use the Encoder select Mac if you are using a macOS or Win if you are using a Windows OS.

Note: This setting is not available on the Oxygen Pro Mini, so this step can be ignored.

Your transport controls, faders, knobs, and DAW shortcuts will now have messages mapped for Bitwig.

To provide the most versatile controller, the Oxygen Pro series has 2 modes, Preset and DAW mode. When in DAW mode all of the controls will be used for controlling DAW functions and controls. When in Preset mode all of the controls will be used for controlling Virtual Instrument parameters and controls.

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Software Setup

1. Click Show Dashboard (Bitwig Icon) and select the Settings tab.


2. Click on the Controllers, and click “+ Add Controller”.

3. In the Hardware vendor pull-down menu select “Mackie”.

4. Then select “Add”.

5. In the MIDI In and Output ports drop-down menu, select MIDIIN3 (Oxygen Pro ##) for the input and MIDIOUT3 (Oxygen Pro ##) for the output. This may be labeled as Mackie/HUI on a Mac.

6. Click on the Controllers, and click “+ Add Controller”.

7. In the Hardware vendor pull-down menu select “Generic” and “MIDI Keyboard”, then select “Add”.

8. In the MIDI Input port drop-down menu, select Oxygen Pro ##.

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9. Click “X” in the top right corner.

10. The Transport, Channel Faders, Mute, Solo, Select, Panning, and Bank Controls should be controllable with the Oxygen Pro series keyboard while in DAW mode.

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Creating an Instrument Track

1. In Bitwig, go to Add > Add Instrument Track.

User-added image2. Then in the Browser select the Devices Tab.

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3. Click “VST 2 Plug-Ins” and in the Category window select a VST by double clicking it.

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4. The virtual instrument should be controllable with the Oxygen Pro series keyboard while in Preset mode.

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