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Hardware Setup

  1. Connect Hammer 88 Pro to your computer.

  2. Press and hold the DAW button (#5) on your Hammer 88 Pro keyboard.

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  3. Using the Encoder directly below the OLED screen (#8), scroll to “P.T.” and then press the Encoder to select it.

  4. Press and hold the Shift button, and press the Global button.

  5. Using the Encoder directly below the OLED screen, scroll to PC, and press the Encoder to enter into selecting your OS.

  6. Use the Encoder and select Mac if you are using a macOS or Win if you are using a Windows OS.

Your transport controls, faders, knobs, and DAW shortcuts will now have messages mapped for Pro Tools.

To provide the most versatile controller, the Hammer 88 Pro series has 2 modes, Preset and DAW mode. When in DAW mode all of the controls will be used for controlling DAW functions and controls. When in Preset mode all of the controls will be used for controlling Virtual Instrument parameters and controls.

Software Setup

  1. Launch Pro Tools.

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  2. Open or Create a Project.

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  3. Select the Setup pulldown menu and open MIDI Input Devices.

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  4. Enable MIDI Input from the Oxygen Pro by clicking the box next to Oxygen Pro, USB MIDI, and Oxygen Pro, Mackie/HUI.

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    Note: To send MIDI from the Oxygen Pro's MIDI DIN output port, enable the box for Oxygen Pro, MIDI DIN.

  5. Create a new instrument track by selecting the Track pull-down menu and clicking New.

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  6. In the New pull-down menu, select Stereo and then Instrument Track.

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  7. In the newly created track, add an Insert to your track by clicking in your track's Inserts A-E and selecting Multichannel Plugin > Instrument. Select the instrument you would like to use, such as Hybrid (Stereo). The plugin can now be triggered with the Hammer 88 Pro.

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