1. On your MPK Mini Plus, hold down the PROG SELECT button, and press Pad 3 to automatically assign your controller to the Logic Pro X preset.

  2. After the controller is reassigned and connected to your computer, Click on Logic Pro X to the right of the apple logo, then go to Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments

  3.  You will then open the Controller Assignments Window. To start, create a new zone for your Mpk Mini Plus. You may press the at the bottom of the window to create a new zone. 

  4. From here, go to the Window that includes Controller/Parameter. And press the below to create a new control. Then Press Learn Mode so your controller can send the proper control to your computer. You may now press the first transport control you would like to assign. For this example, we are assigning the play button

  5.  Your transport control is now ready to be assigned a control! You may find commands aside the command window. However, you will find more commands when you press Show... 

You are now all set to properly assign the transport controls on your MPK Mini Plus in Logic Pro X!