Introducing Engine DJ 2.4.0. Our latest version of Engine DJ delivers a brand new Beat Grid Editor, desktop support for macOS 13 Ventura as well as native support for Apple M1/M2 chipsets, Relocate Missing Files for Engine DJ Desktop and HFS+ support for the SC6000 and SC6000M.

In addition to this, there are a host of improvements and fixes to ensure you continually get the best Engine DJ experience on your desktop and device.

To download Engine DJ 2.4.0 Desktop & OS versions and to see the full release notes, visit the following link:

Engine DJ OS (hardware)

New Features

  • Beat Grid Editor – A new full-screen beat grid editor brings expanded beat grid editing features to standalone devices. Offering grid alignment controls, anchor points for setting the standard and dynamic (multi-tempo) beat grids, manual BPM entry with numerical keypad, TAP tempo, and lock.

  • Beat Jump and Auto Loop size controls can now be linked/unlinked. When linked, Beat Jump size and Auto Loop size are adjusted together via the Auto Loop encoder. When unlinked, Beat Jump size and Auto Loop size can be adjusted independently. 
    • To adjust Beat Jump size independently on the SC5000/M, SC6000/M, PRIME 2/4, and SC LIVE 2/4 hold Shift and press the Beat Jump buttons.
    • To adjust Beat Jump size independently on PRIME GO, hold Shift and press the Auto Loop encoder button.

  • Temp Cue position can now be set while the deck is playing if the deck platter is engaged

  • Added the ability to send the microphone signal to the Zone output (PRIME 4)

  • Pressing the Cue button at the end of a track now returns the play head to the initial Cue position

  •  Added the ability to maintain FX beat and parameter values (per effect) across power cycles*

  • Added the ability to reset FX beat and parameters to the factory default when changing effects*

  • Added HFS+ support for the latest generation of flagship Media Players (SC6000/M)**

Improvements and Fixes

  • Play as Playlist crossfade time setting now persists across power cycles

  • The ‘Reset to defaults’ feature has changed to ‘Factory reset' which now resets all device settings to their shipping defaults, and erases all Wi-Fi, and streaming service data.

  • Fixed an issue where Wi-Fi status was displayed incorrectly after powering on

  • Fixed an issue where in certain conditions, Wi-Fi networks would not appear in the network list

  • Fixed an issue where Wi-Fi could falsely present an “Input/output error” in certain circumstances

  • Fixed an issue where the device could hang when ejecting a media source that is currently in ‘Play as Playlist’ mode

  • Fixed an issue that prohibited History lists from being removed in Edit mode

  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

*The current PRIME 4 system architecture employs a dedicated firmware-based FX engine and mixer. Effect improvements are planned to be added to the PRIME 4 in a future release.

**HFS+ support is only available for the latest generation of flagship Media Players. This addition has been added to support DJs outside of the Engine DJ ecosystem in professional performance environments. 


Engine DJ Software (desktop)

New Features 

  • Relocate Missing Files - Missing files can now be located via a manual or automated process. To relocate files, right-click on a missing (red) file to see the two new relocate options.

  • Added support for Apple Silicon chipsets (M1/M2 chipsets)

  • Added support for macOS 13 (Ventura)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved Sync Manager track removal performance

  • Fixed an issue that prevented specific databases from adding new playlists and tracks

  • Fixed an issue that prevented dragging playlists from one drive to another

  • Fixed an issue where for certain tracks the ‘Date Added’ field was not displayed after import

  • Fixed an issue where the waveform Tooltip was not displayed when fully zoomed in/out

  • Fixed a crash for WASAPI audio driver on Windows OS

  • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is no longer officially supported and installation is blocked due to internal library upgrade requirements

  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements