HeadRush Prime will work with your preset files from your HeadRush Pedalboard, Gigboard, and MX5.

Connecting up the same as the Headrush Pedalboard/Gigboard/MX5, you can drop your pre-made setlists, rigs, IRs, and block presets onto the Prime's internal hard drive. From there they can be edited and combined with all the new features and FX on the HeadRush Prime. 

The video below will demonstrate how to backup your Pedalboard, Gigboard, or MX5 data:

Keep in mind:

  • Rigs transferred from a Gigboard or MX5 may change footswitch assignments when transferred to a Prime or Pedalboard. Generally they will map across the bottom 3/4 switches so as to attempt to match your former setup. 
  • Some Prime content and features will be specific to the Prime and will not be transferrable back to a Pedalboard, Gigboard, or MX5. Rigs made or edited by the Prime will not be able to be brought back to the Pedalboard, Gigboard or MX5, even if no Prime-specific features were added to the rig. Rigs from previous boards that have not been edited/have not had changes saved to the file will still be able to go back to the Pedalboard/Gigboard/MX5.

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