The new setup of the Headrush Prime has changed one aspect of putting together your rigs, and that is getting IRs into your rigs. With a more advanced file browser, the setup now allows for a deeper dive to find IR files and refer to them, hence the need for a little more explanation for user added IRs.

The first thing you'll notice when attempting to load an IR to your rig is that the IR category has been condensed with the Cabinet simulation category. You'll want to select the quality of the IR(2048 or 1024-check your CPU usage in the top right for which would be appropriate), and then you'll notice that folders are not necessarily inside here like they were inside the Headrush Pedalboard/Gigboard/MX5. You will instead find a list of the factory Impulse Responses that came with the board, and a lack of folders from this screen. 

At the top of the list will be a Load option, this will bring up a special version of the Browser that will start pointed at the Impulse Response folders. From here, you'll be able to navigate to your IR and select the IR you want. On the left hand column you'll also be able to navigate your drives and Dropbox to load IR's from an external source as well.

If for some reason you accidentally tap one of the factory Impulse Responses, editing inside of the Impulse Response will bring you to this browser so that you can make that change. 

Please note that the regular browser will be unable to load IR's to your rig.

If you are still having trouble with your Prime's IR loading function, please use the New Support Ticket button at the top to contact our support team for further assistance.