What's new in SoundSwitch 2.8


Phrase Editing:

New to SoundSwitch 2.8 is the new Phrase Editing feature.

With the new SoundSwitch Phrase Editing feature, you now have more control and flexibility during the Autoscript Process. This collaborative workflow complements the already powerful Autoscript feature, making audio file scripting easier than ever before.

For a full breakdown of the new Phrase Editing please check out this page below:


Phrase Editing



New Autoscript Presets and Styles:

The Phrase Editing feature has enabled us to develop exciting new Autoscript Presets and Styles. Now, with the ability to edit Phrases, we've taken the Autoscript tool to a whole new level. The results are now incredibly focused and dynamic, making the Autoscript tool more powerful than ever before!



Batch Autoscripting:

In our latest 2.8 release, we've enhanced the batch Autoscript feature to make it even more powerful and efficient. Now, when you're autoscripting multiple audio files or entire playlists/crates, you have the option to multi-select and apply different Autoscript Styles or Presets. This is perfect for achieving dynamic and varied results when autoscripting a large number of audio files.

With Batch Autoscripting, you can save time and effort while ensuring each audio file receives a unique touch tailored to your preferences with our newly created styles and presets.


Note: When batch Autoscripting multiple audio files it is only possible to use either multiple Autoscript Presets or Styles. It is not possible to use both Preset and Styles in the multi select as Presets will use the saved preset data.



Re-Ordering FIxtures: 

Exciting News! It's been a long wait, but it's here at last! In our latest update, we've introduced a feature that lets you effortlessly rearrange fixtures in your workspace. This enhancement provides you with full control and organization over the fixtures in your SoundSwitch Venue. It means you can set up your lighting exactly the way you prefer, making your experience smoother and more personalized.

Here's how it works:

- To reorder a fixture, simply select one or multiple fixtures in the workspace and drag them to your desired location.

- You can also right-click on a fixture and easily add it to any Fixture Group using the right-click menu. This makes grouping fixtures a breeze, giving you even more control over your setup.


Fixture Exclusion:

Imagine having unprecedented control over your lighting setup! With our latest fixture exclusion feature, you can now manually exclude specific fixtures from the Autoscript process. This means you can create a specialized script for a particular fixture or a group of fixtures, lock it in place, and keep it separate from the Autoscript automation. This empowers you to produce distinctive and personalized lighting effects effortlessly, all while preserving your ability for manual customization.

Here's how to use it:

1. Right-click on a fixture or a group of fixtures that you want to exclude from the automation.

2. By doing this, you can also exclude all other tracks except one, enabling you to re-autoscript only a single fixture if that's what you desire.

NOTE: Fixture exclusions are not used when bacth Autoscripting audio files. Fixture Exclusions are only applied to audio files loaded to the workspace.



Bug Fixes:

As always, we've made several important improvements and resolved issues in this release. For a detailed list of all the fixes and improvements, please review the full release notes.



To download the latest update head over to your SoundSwitch Dashboard via the link below:


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@soundswitch.com