This guide provides troubleshooting steps for resolving common issues when using Engine Lighting.

Fixtures Not Responding to Playback, Color Override, or Scripted Track:

- This issue may occur if you haven't selected the correct SoundSwitch Project that was exported to your source media drive.


   1. After launching Engine Lighting, ensure you've chosen the correct source drive.

   2. Then, select the corresponding SoundSwitch Project and Venue that you exported to the drive.

Engine Lighting Won't Play Autoscripted/Scripted Tracks:

- This problem is typically related to incorrect export settings for the SoundSwitch Project or the scripted audio files.


   - For guidance on how to export your SoundSwitch Project and Audio files correctly, refer to this linked guide:

   - Note: If you're exporting from the SoundSwitch Desktop Software (not Engine DJ), ensure that the scripted Audio files are also exported to the source drive you're using with the Engine Hardware. These audio files are linked to the lighting files in your SoundSwitch project.

   - Additionally, if your Scripted Tracks default to Autoloops even after the correct export, check if the "Override Scripted Tracks" option is enabled in the Engine Lighting Preferences. When enabled, scripted tracks may default to using Autoloops.

Engine Lighting Responds to Color Overrides and Static Looks but Not Scripted Tracks:

- If fixtures work with Color Overrides and Static Looks but not Scripted Tracks, it suggests that the project export is correct.


   - The likely issue is with your Engine Lighting supported Mixer's Fader settings.

   - When using a Four Channel Mixer, ensure that only the single Upfader corresponding to the deck with the Audio File playing back is active at 100%. If other Upfaders are active without tracks playing on the associated deck, Engine Lighting might try to mix a lightshow that hasn't been loaded.

If You Continue to Experience Engine Lighting Issues:

If you've followed these troubleshooting steps and still encounter problems with Engine Lighting, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance at We're here to help you get the most out of your Engine Lighting experience.