The Rane HAL and 1010x units are remarkable powerful DSP tools which allow a user to route and have an unprecedented control over their unit internally from the Halogen Software. When troubleshooting Audio issues on the unit, we're going to want to make sure that we're connecting up and loading our configuration directly from the unit via an Ethernet connection, as outlined in Rane Halogen | Saving and Loading a Configuration File.

If you are unable to connect your unit via a direct Ethernet cable connection, you may need service to the unit.

 After you've connected up your unit to the Rane Halogen software, you're going to want to go into Processing, and double click on any active input in your connection. This will bring up the settings for the input, as well as a level meter for live audio coming in. You will want to play audio through at this point, and see if the audio comes into the unit.

If you are unable to get a reading on this Level, you will want to test with an alternate input source, but your unit may require service if you are unable to get a sound in.

If you are able to get audio into the unit, your next step will be to check your output, which only has a level meter and can be accessed by double clicking on the output block in your configuration, bringing up a window that looks like this:

If you have level going in but no level on your output, we would suggest to reach out to an installer, as the unit is working correctly, but the setup may need some tweaking to be properly routed.

If there is level on the output, we would suggest doing a physical cable test from the output, and seeing if another source plays from the same cable. If if does, then your unit may require service.

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