The Rane DJ TWELVE and TWELVE MKII are simple, pure, and powerful motorized DJ control systems without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tonearms. Like any professional turntable, the TWELVE and TWELVE MKII feature a pitch fader to adjust the speed of the platter and pitch of the music. And just like any professional turntable, this pitch fader may need to be calibrated on occasion to balance the speed of your platter.

If you are having trouble getting full pitch range, or notice that the neutral (”0” position) is not centered, you can calibrate the pitch range fader on your Rane TWELVE and TWELVE MKII.

TWELVE (original):

  1. Hold all 3 pitch range buttons down while powering the unit up. You will notice 2 red lights on the touch strip.
  2. Move the pitch slider all the way to the lowest negative position, then to the highest positive position.
  3. Lastly, move the pitch slider to the center neutral position. 
  4. Press all three of the pitch range buttons once more, and the neutral “0” light on the pitch slider will flash. 
  5. Power off the Twelve and power back on normally.


  1. Press & hold the two PITCH RANGE buttons(8%+16%) while powering on the Twelve MKII. Once the OLED display reads "Test Mode," release the buttons. 
  2. Move the pitch slider to the leftmost.
  3. Move the pitch slider to the rightmost.
  4. Move the pitch slider to the center.
  5. Press both PITCH RANGE 8%+50% buttons (the center LED will blink and remain on).
  6. Power off the Twelve MKII and power back on normally.