The amount of force it takes to reach full velocity on a keyboard will vary between players based on the style of music being played, playing experience and overall comfortability. The good news is that the response from your keys can be adjusted to your liking! Follow the steps below to change the response of your keys to accommodate your play style.

  1. Press the Keyboard Controls button located on the top right-hand side of your MPC Key 61
  2. Scroll down until you find Keybed Settings. By default, this is set to Linear.
  3. Use the main dial to scroll through the options listed below. You can also press the main dial to see all the options at once. 

The keybed velocity options are as follows. These options are in order from most sensitive (minimal force required to reach full velocity) to least sensitive (more force required to reach full velocity. The "Custom" option will allow you to customize the response based on Velocity Curve, Gain, Black Key Sensitivity, and White Key Sensitivity

  • Light 3
  • Light 2
  • Light 1 
  • Linear
  • Heavy 1
  • Heavy 2
  • Heavy 3
  • Custom