Most inMusic Brands products are warranted for  One (1) Year from the date of purchase for units sold as New by our authorized retailers.  For ION Audio products, the manufacturer's warranty is Ninety (90) Days. 

Customers within this period should reach out to our support team through the chat widget to request warranty service. Before doing so, please have the unit's serial number and a copy of your proof of purchase ready, as both of these pieces of information are required for warranty service.

If your unit is outside of this warranty period, you can still receive service for your unit. If you would like to purchase replacement parts for your unit, you can contact to place an order.

If you wish to have your product repaired, please contact our support team HERE. They will be able to provide troubleshooting steps, as well as determine whether or not your device is able to be repaired by one of our non-warranty service facilities. 

If your unit is listed as "Legacy" or "Discontinued" on our website, it should be noted that support for these products is limited and we no longer restock parts for these units. If your unit is discontinued, it may still be able to be serviced by one of our non-warranty service facilities, provided parts are still available.