One of the most exciting changes that came with the new 2.5 firmware is the ability to toggle between two scenes mapped to one footswitch. With more flexibility than ever, your rigs can now access different combinations of effects inside a rig for different scenarios and ultimately have more tone changing power inside a rig itself. This guide will walk you through some of the changes and hopefully inspire you on creating new tones inside the board.


Starting with Scenes

To begin, we still will want to set up your rig for scenes the way we always have- fill up your rigs with the effects you want, make sure they're laid out effectively so that the sound you get on them is going to be good when switching between the scenes. As a small refresher, we suggest going Gain FX(Drive, distortion, white boost)>Amp sims>Modulation FX(Chorus, Phaser, Delay)>Cab>EQ,Comp. This will be important for changing FX scenes and keeping some consistency in the way your rig gain stages while changing scenes.

Before we leave this screen, you'll want the board to be in Stomp mode.

Hardware Assign

Next, we're going to want to go into Scenes and toggle the footswitches from pedal stomps to Scenes. We'll do this by tapping the three dots in the top right corner, then tapping Hardware Assign. From there you'll get a gui representation of your footswitch boxes at the bottom of the screen, to which you should press the word TOGGLE. This will turn them into a scene. This can be done to any footswitch on this screen. When you've finished, press EDIT on one of the Scene you've just made.

Inside here, set up your Scene as you normally would, setting presets to change, and fx to trigger on or off when the scene is activated. Please make sure to assign a unique color to the scene. This will become important in a second.

Putting a second scene on the footswitch

From here, you'll notice there is a green square with a number 1 inside, and a grey square with a + symbol inside. You're going to press this + to add a second scene to the switch, and then tap the 2 to start editing this new scene. Please remember on this screen- Anything labeled No Change will be in relation to the first Scene on the switch; which does NOT mean that it will turn off the pedal, just that no change will happen when the scene is activated, so whatever state it was in before the change will be where it stays.

Additionally, you can change presets on your different FX between scenes, but if you'd like it not to change please set the effect to No Preset. 

When you're finished with this, give this second scene a unique color identifier, then hit the back in the top left corner and SAVE from the hardware assign screen. You should then be able to test before you jump back into your Rigs and turn the pedal on screen between the two scene colors you selected. After confirming this, back out using the arrow one more time and you'll see the pedals turn on and off that you assigned to the different scenes as you toggle the pedal. Congratulations! You've assigned two scenes to one pedal. 

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