If you are experiencing limited range with your HeadRush Prime Expression Pedal, it may be time to perform a re-calibration. This is easy to do and a great way to keep your Prime in top shape before a show. 

  1. Turn off the Headrush Prime.
  2. Hold down footswitch # 4 (top-row, fourth from the left) and footswitch # 11 (bottom-row, fifth from the left), and power on the Prime. Continue to hold the footswitch until the display is powered on.
  3. Calibration will record the toe up, down, and middle positions for the pedal. Watch the display above footswitch #6 for instructions (top-row, rightmost footswitch).
    1. Move the pedal Toe-up (side closest to you is pushed down).
    2. Press Footswitch #12 to learn the position.
    3. Move the pedal Toe-down (side farthest from you is pushed down).
    4. Press footswitch #12 to learn the position.
    5. Move the pedal so it is in the middle position - balanced between toe-up and toe-down positions.
    6. Press footswitch #12 to learn the position.
    7. Press footswitch #12 again to save the calibration.
  4. The calibration settings will save and the Prime will boot into normal mode.