You have everything hooked up, have the correct drum/backing sound, and all your settings are set the way you want them to be. You go to hit record, and you the record pedal is blinking red. Nothing's happening.

To start, we need to understand how we got to this point- what's going on is that the external Midi Clock Receive setting was turned on within the Global Settings>Midi Tab and the Source was set to either the USB port or the Midi input. 

When this happens, the board cedes all midi clock functions to whatever the Midi Clock Source is; which has a greater implication than just the BPM: to keep everything synced up perfectly, the Record function start does not start until the midi clock on the device starts. 

Because of the way that the midi feeds from that external source, the Looper X has no way of sending a message back to the clock to begin the clock, it can only be ready for the clock when it starts, which is why the record light is blinking, so show that it is armed. 

Instead, the source needs to have it's play button pressed to begin the clock and thus the recording function, similar to pressing Record in a DAW but forgetting to press the Play button next to it. 

If you instead wanted to have the Looper X control all of the clock all the clock and record functions, you'd need to have the reverse happen; where the Looper X would be the clock source sending to the external midi device, and said device would then need to receive the clock source to keep everything sync'd up.

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