The ION Audio Glow Rocker is the perfect complement to your garden, patio, or poolside! With Bluetooth connectivity, stereo linking capabilities, and multiple lighting configurations, the Glow Rocker can turn any backyard into a party! This article covers a few frequently asked questions about the ION Audio Glow Rocker.


Frequently Asked Questions

What comes included in the box?

The ION Audio Glow Rocker comes with the following:

  • Two ION Audio Glow Rocker Speakers
  • 5V, 1A  USB Charging Adapter
  • Two Micro-USB Cables (32" / 80 cm, each)
  • Two 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Auxiliary Cables (30" / 75 cm, each)
  • Quickstart Guide



What are the dimensions of the Glow Rocker?

The Glow Rocker has following dimensions:

  • Height: 11.4 inches / 29 cm
  • Width: 9.8 inches / 25cm
  • Depth: 9.8 inches / 25 cm
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds / 2 kg


Can the Glow Rocker run off of battery power? 

The ION Audio Glow Rocker has a lithium polymer battery, and can be used remotely or when plugged into the wall. The average recharge time is up to 5 hours.

Note: Before you first use the product, please fully charge the battery. Your unit was purposely shipped with a reduced battery charge to ensure safe transit. Use the included power adapter to connect the unit to a power outlet and let it charge. This helps ensure the longest life for our battery.


How long can the Glow Rocker last on a single charge?

The Glow Rocker can last up to 30 hours on a single charge, though battery life may vary based on temperature, age, and volume use.


How do I know when the Glow Rocker is done charging?

  • A solid red LED will appear to indicate that the speaker is charging.
  • When charging is complete, the red LED will turn off.
  • For the fastest charging, power off the Glow Rocker and use the included micro-USB cable to connect the speaker to (A) a USB power adapter (DC 5V, included) connected to a power outlet, or (B) your computer (powered on). 



How do I connect to the Glow Rocker via Bluetooth?

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth device and power on the Glow Rocker by holding down the Power button for 2 seconds.
  2. The Glow Rocker will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode when turned on, indicated by the Bluetooth LED flashing blue.
  3. Navigate to your device's Bluetooth setup screen, find Glow Rocker, and connect. Once connected, the Bluetooth LED will be lit solid, and you will hear "Connected."
  4. To disconnect, turn off Bluetooth from your device's Bluetooth settings

Note: Do not connect to Glow Rocker_BLE; this is reserved exclusively for connecting to the ION Sound XP app. If you experience trouble in connecting, select "Forget this Device" on your Bluetooth device and try to connect again.


  1. With the first “primary” speaker powered off, press and hold the Power button for 6 seconds until you hear two short tones. The speaker will power on and enter stereo linking mode.

  2. Press and hold the Power button for 6 seconds to power on the second “secondary” speaker. The two speakers will automatically link together. A successful link will be indicated by a solid green LED on the primary speaker, a solid red LED on the secondary speaker, and you will hear “Connected” from the secondary speaker. The LEDs are located next to the input ports on the speaker's side panel.

  3. On your Bluetooth device, navigate to your Bluetooth settings menu, find Glow Rocker, and connect. Once connected, you will hear "Connected" from the primary speaker.

Note: The first speaker will be the “primary” speaker, and play the Left channel. The second speaker will be the “secondary” speaker and play the right channel.
Note: The Bluetooth range will be determined by the distance that your Bluetooth device is to the primary speaker.
Note: Stereo linking is limited to One Pair of Glow Rockers, and cannot be extended/daisy chained past that amount.


What is the Bluetooth Range for the Glow Rocker?

Bluetooth range is up to 100 ft. (30 m) from the source device. That being said, Bluetooth range is affected by walls, obstructions, and movement; differing conditions will result in differing effective Bluetooth ranges.


What is the Linked Range between Glow Rockers?

The linked range between 2 Glow Rocker speakers is up to 32 ft. (10 m) between the speakers. Much like the Bluetooth range conditions listed above, this range can be affected by walls, obstructions, and movement.


Can the Glow Rocker be controlled by the ION Sound XP app?

Totally! Follow the steps below to get going:

  1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Play on your device. Then, search for the ION Sound XP app.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the app. Once downloaded, the ION Sound XP app will appear on your device's home screen.

  3. In your device's Bluetooth Settings menu, connect to Glow Rocker_BLE

  4. Open the ION Sound XP app and tap  Add A Product on the screen. The app will scan and find Glow Rocker.

  5. Select the Glow Rocker icon to go to the next screen, where you can control the speaker settings from your device


Why is the audio from my Auxiliary cable only coming out of one of my Stereo Linked speakers?

Audio from the auxiliary input will not be transmitted to a linked speaker; only Bluetooth Audio will be transmitted to a linked speaker.


How many different color configurations are available? 

The Glow Rocker can be set to four different colors: white, red, blue, and green.

Each of these can be in a Solid State or an Active State. When active, the LED will slowly fade in and out, and if music is playing, the LED will flash to the beat.


How do I switch between light configurations?

Short press and release the Power button to cycle through light configurations.


Why did my unit turn itself off? It's fully charged!

Glow Rockers will automatically power off after 30 minutes if no audio is playing, to conserve battery life.


Is the Glow Rocker waterproof? Can I leave it out in the rain?

The Glow Rocker is IPX5 water-resistant and able to tolerate splashing water; The following should be observed in order to ensure the best performance:

  • Bring Glow Rocker indoors during extreme cold, heavy rain, or melting snow.

  • Please do not place Glow Rocker in standing water.

  • Please do not connect the charging adapter to Glow Rocker in a wet environment.

  • Keep any non-water-resistant devices (phones, music players, etc.) in a dry place where they will not be affected by water and cause a risk of electric shock.

  • Make sure the charging port door is securely closed when using outdoors to ensure the IPX5 rating.


What are the Technical Specifications of the speaker?

The Glow Rocker's specs are as follows:

  • Output Power: 15 W (peak)
  • Driver: 5" (127 mm)
  • Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 15 kHz