When managing your MPC's Internal storage content, typically users are referring to their unit's internal memory, or memory data files that are slowing down the performance of the unit overall.

When you save a project, the MPC creates an XPJ file which is a text file containing all the project settings; it also creates a separate "Project Data" folder which contains all the actual sounds, programs and sequences used in the project. 

To show any unwanted or hidden project files that may be overloading your cpu or overall performance of the unit you may find solutions in following these steps. 

  • Tap Menu on your MPC Hardware > Browser  
    Tap on the Gear Icon at the right hand side of the browser filters:

  • Now make sure you have ‘Hide project data folders‘ unchecked:
  • Select the ‘Show All Files‘ filter and the BROWSER will now display all the ‘hidden’ MPC ProjectData folders:
  • At this time, you will then want to back-up any files or projects data files of importance to you before you remove them from the internal memory of your unit. Once these projects are deleted, they are not accessible and will no longer be available at a later time, so make sure you back this data up first.
  • To remove these folders or files, hold Shift on your MPC and tap "Delete"

Following these steps above. You will then have successfully removed any Hidden Project Data Files on your MPC's internal memory, and at this time you can reboot the unit, and continue using your MPC.