The Total PA Extreme would be able to wirelessly stereo-link with one additional Total PA Extreme.

  1. Please first make sure both speakers are powered on and not connected to Bluetooth

  2. Make sure both speakers are in Bluetooth pairing mode

  3. Press and hold the repeat/link button on the primary speaker

  4. While holding the repeat/link button on the primary speaker, please press and hold the repeat/link button on the secondary speaker as well.

  5. You will then hear a link sound indicating both speakers have linked

  6. Now connect to Bluetooth on the primary speaker

You would also be able to link to another speaker using an XLR male-to-female cable

  1. Please first plug the XLR cable into the Mix Out of the Total PA Extreme

  2. Connect the other end of the XLR cable to the Aux In or Line In on the secondary speaker

  3. Please put the secondary speaker on Aux mode

  4. Please connect the primary speaker to Bluetooth